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How To Plan A Zoom Mitzvah: You Don’t Want To Miss This!

How To Plan A Zoom Mitzvah: You Don’t Want To Miss This!

If you’re planning or thinking about planning a virtual Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please join Mitzvah Market for our new “Listen & Learn Series.”

Wednesday, June 10th at 7:30pm EST, Mitzvah Market and Xtreme Event Group will give you step-by-step instructions for planning a Zoom Bar or Bat Mitzvah. With Fall 2020 dates uncertain, this is your opportunity to become educated on the virtual possibilities and new trends in at-home Mitzvah celebrations. From setting up the technology and lighting to trivia, photo booths and additional fun for your guests, you don’t want to miss this FREE informative session. 

**You must register here in order to receive the Zoom meeting ID and password. Further information will be sent a few days before the event. Friends must register separately.

Can’t make it on Wednesday, June 10th? Check out some tips below:

Top Tips for a Virtual Bar Bat Mitzvah Service

  • Select a Conference Service – Zoom, Google Meet, Facetime are all options. Zoom is the most popular. Make sure you can record everything!
  • Internet connection – Check the signal strength in the room where you want to have your service; you may need to purchase a WiFi booster or mesh system. 
  • Lighting – Lighting should be in front of you/your family (not behind); also check the natural light in that room at the time of your service.
  • Audio – Consider using a plug in speaker so guests can hear you and your clergy. 
  • Virtual Dress Rehearsal –  Hold a practice rehearsal with the “host” of the meeting as well as any other family members who will be participating.
  • Ask a Friend or Family Member to Host the Call – This will allow you to be present and not distracted during the service.
  • Ask a Friend or Family Member to Record the Service – Zoom can record a default “gallery view” with a maximum of 25 people visible. To capture all of your guests, ask someone and make them a “host” so they can record the service, from their home, and scroll through the additional screens of guests/participants so you have a video memory of everyone who attended.  
  • Send Directions to Guests – Email guests the conference provider in advance so they can download the app. The night before your Bar Bat Mitzavh, send a reminder email. 
  • Make Xerox Copies of All Readings – Print out copies of all readings and prayers in advance in case your clergy is unable to bring a Torah to the service. Make sure all guests also have copies of their readings or blessings. 
  • Keep Your Tutor in your Ear– you can use ear buds during the service in case you need additional support from your tutor or clergy.
  • Create Virtual Sign-In By Using Chat Function – Encourage virtual guests to send good wishes during the service through the chat function. You can save these messages and later print them creating a virtual sign-in board. Consider the “old fashion” way too! Ask your guests to email Mazel Tov messages as well. 

Additional Ideas to Keep the Service Festive and Fun

  • Create an At-Home Kiddush bag – If you have already printed your kippahs or programs, why not hand deliver or mail them to your guests for the virtual service? Mitzvah Mom Randy Flax of Long Island even added challah and grape juice for local guests! 
  • Virtual Mitzvah Care Package –  Julia Erlichman of Julia & Friends Events has already planned the following if her son’s November service becomes virtual: “I’m going to send guests an At-Home Mitzvah Participation Package which will include: a program of the service, a personalized yarmulke and some of our son’s favorite treats that they would have gotten in a hotel welcome bag or as part of the favor. And of course a note saying how much it means to us that they are watching the service.”
  • Plan a Bar Bat Mitzvah Drive-By Parade to Celebrate – Your child has worked so hard to prepare for their big day. Celebrate with family and friends through a drive-by parade at your house. Many entertainment companies will even bring their DJs and equipment to your driveway – just ask your vendor!
  • Dress Up! – This is a special day, so let go of the comfy quarantine clothes and put on what you’d originally planned to wear for your temple service.
  • Take Photos – The best angle for your service (being eye level with your computer), blocks your sight line for photos. In order to commemorate this important day, stage some photos in advance with your child and other participants. 

Virtual Mitzvah Ideas & Photos

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