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The Best Ideas for a Virtual Bar Bat Mitzvah Project

The Best Ideas for a Virtual Bar Bat Mitzvah Project

If your Bar Bat Mitzvah child is home for the summer, this is a perfect time for them to work on their Mitzvah Project, or move their existing project to a virtual format.

Many Mitzvah projects can easily be started (and completed) from the safety and comfort of your home. Food shopping for the elderly, donating books to an under-served community and hosting virtual fundraisers are just a few of the causes young tweens can do with minimal help from an adult.

See below for Mitzvah Market’s Favorite Virtual Mitzvah Project Ideas and Organizations: 

Projects Related to COVID-19

Perhaps the easiest Mitzvah Project to implement right now is to send letters to vulnerable members of your community who may be at stuck at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic — or to local healthcare workers who are on the front lines. 

Ideas from The Mitzvah Bowl

The Mitzvah Bowl is a terrific online resource for meaningful Mitzvah projects. Here are some of their ideas:

Where to Donate Your Mitzvah Project Proceeds

Bar Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program


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