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A Movie Library

A Movie Library

Ethan Ausburn of San Antonio, Texas, is hoping that by collecting new and gently used DVD movies for the Christus Santa Rosa Children’s Cancer Unit in San Antonio, he will not only help the hospital’s movie library grow and become more updated, but that in some small way, he will help provide cancer patients and their families with some entertainment  while waiting for and receiving treatment. Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah is at the end of February, and he is collecting DVDs to be donated to the hospital through the end of March.

Ethan decided to take on this particular Mitzvah project because so many people in his life have been touched by cancer. As Ethan explains it:

“I have had many people close to me diagnosed with cancer, so it is a project dear to my heart.  My cousin, Aaron, was diagnosed with bone cancer last year and spent a year in and out of the hospital undergoing chemotherapy.  He is fortunately testing cancer free, but did have to have a bone in his arm removed and replaced with a steel rod.  My mom’s friend’s 4-year-old son continues to fight brain cancer a year after it was discovered and deemed inoperable; and my grandmother was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Fortunately, doctors caught it early and her outlook is fantastic.”

Ethan has asked friends, classmates and neighbors for donations. He also included a note about his Project in with his Bar Mitzvah invitations. Ethan is excited that the word is spreading. “Many of my friends’ parents are now asking their friends so the project is quickly spreading and growing!” Ethan tells us.

If you are interested in donating any new or gently used DVDs to benefit Ethan’s Mitzvah Project, please contact Ethan’s mom, Leslie, by emailing her at [email protected]. Thank you!

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