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Making Camp Special

Making Camp Special

Alyssa Woldar from Muttontown, NY, had her Bat Mitzvah a few weeks ago.. For her Mitzvah Project, Alyssa collected and donated small toys and travel games to Camp Simcha. Here is how Alyssa describes her project:

The purpose of my Mitzvah Project was to perform a mitzvah. A mitzvah is a good deed. I feel that I accomplished this by collecting and donating toys and small travel games for the children of Camp Simcha.

Camp Simcha is a camp that helps children that have a terminal illness, go out and have fun for one or two weeks. They have doctors and medical staff to make sure everyone is taken care of and has a good time.  I love helping and working with children so I thought this would be the perfect project for me to do.

I wrote a letter to many toy companies and sadly none were able to help, so I decided to give flyers out to the Hebrew school and tell a lot of my friends and family. My family and I also went out to local toy stores to collect toys for the camp. I collected 120 toys for the camp.

My dad and I went into to NYC to give the toys to one of the camp directors, Levi. He was impressed with all the work I did. He showed me and my dad the office and what goes on to make this camp happen. He also showed us a video on the camp and how much the kids are happy to be out and have fun for a few weeks with the doctors and special help they need. I was really pleased that I was able to contribute something that enriched the time children will spend at Camp Simcha.

My family also has a foundation called the Edwin and Shirley Woldar Family Foundation. In the past, our foundation has contributed and supported Camp Simcha. Our family holds this organization close to our hearts so that is why I chose Camp Simcha as my Mitzvah Project. I am so proud that we support this wonderful organization and my family and I plan to continue to do mitzvahs for Camp Simcha and other well deserving charities.

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