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Honoring Others

Honoring Others

We are pleased to introduce you to Max Meyer from South Salem, NY. Max had his Bar Mitzvah in Septepmer of 2006. He included this write-up with his invitation:

This year I had the opportunity to spend time with Holocaust survivor Joe Best, the father of a dear family friend.  Joe could never bring himself to share his story with anyone (not even with Steven Spielberg when he was filming Schindler’s List).  I am honored that Joe chose to sit down with me and relay what he went through, and how his courage and strength got him through such a horrifying experience.

My Mitzvah Project is two-fold.  First, I plan to meet with our family friend and her sister to reveal the names of the family they had no prior knowledge of, and to give them a glimpse into what their father’s childhood was like before, during and after the War.

Second, I plan to make a contribution, on behalf of each guest to the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous. The JFR seeks to identify, honor, and support non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.  One such gentile, Maria Attenberger, hid Joe Best in her barn in Germany.  Joe was forever grateful and never felt that he could repay her for the risk she took.  Each contribution I make will be in honor of Joe Best, and in memory of Maria Attenberger.

Joe Best/Honoring Others

Joe Best

Joe shared with Max that he never had a Bar Mitzvah considering the hardships he and his family had endured. Max, in turn, shared this with his Rabbi, who suggested Max invite Joe to be “mitzvahed” with Max. The double Bar Mitzvah was a moving and special day for Max, Joe and all of the guests. Max’s Mitzvah Project led to a day that everyone in attendance will never forget.

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