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Owen’s Epic Event

Owen’s Epic Event

By Vered Ornstein

The Larchmont Temple social hall is just what you’d expect from a synagogue social hall- white walls, large windows, tiled dance floors. A simple, basic backdrop that only someone with a keen eye for design and creativity could transform into something magnificent. That’s where The Event of a Lifetime’s Melisa Imberman comes in.


For Owen’s sports-themed Bar Mitzvah in January, Melisa tackled the challenge of converting Larchmont Temple’s simple space into the sports arena party of Owen’s dreams. Soccer ball motifs were the main design elements, lining the table cloths and accenting the walls. A kids lounge, complete with air hockey, bumper pool, a photo booth, a customized dance floor, and more was rounded out by AstroTurf seating.


Moreover, Melisa was sure to create an adults-only space at the party, giving adults some respite from the dancing and games that the kids were loving. The adults lounge married Owen’s theme with tinges of elegance, with gorgeous glass and floral centerpieces and a cocktail hour aura elevating the party. Just as if they were sitting courtside at a professional soccer game, adults could attend the party in a stylish and tasteful way.


Just 48 hours before the original date of Owen’s Bar Mitzvah, a massive snowstorm hit the New York area, causing his family to postpone the event that they and Melisa had worked so hard to plan. Though everything was ready to go, nothing could be done to stop the brutal weather. Instead of giving up on the event they originally planned, Melisa and her team got straight to work planning a new event for Owen that would be just as special as the one they’d originally planned. Settling on a new date a few months later in March, Owen’s belated Bar Mitzvah party was the best event that a sports-loving kid could ever hope for! 


While Owen’s original January Bar Mitzvah was unfortunately snowed out, his March party more than made up for it. For Owen and his family, it really was the event of a lifetime.

Larchmont Temple was completely transformed, with customized soccer patterned motifs accenting the room.

The bar in the adult luncheon lounge was a hit- or rather, a kick!

Parents found respite in the luncheon lounge, a space that married elegance and sportiness all into one.

The luncheon lounge before and after being decorated.


A kids’ lounge with Astroturf furniture and stations for basketball hoops, bumper pool, tri hockey, a photo booth, and more kept Owen and his friends busy and entertained all afternoon.

White dance floor with custom soccer crest decal & logo pillows

Photobooth station with step and repeats!

The stadium-themed concession stand for snacks and drinks.

To keep warm watching autumn soccer games, guests took home cozy fleece blankets.

Owen’s party room at the Larchmont Temple, before and after The Event of a Lifetime worked their magic.


Photography by Alison Sheehy Photography.

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