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Interview with Essie Cohen Makeup on the Perfect Bat Mitzvah Makeup

Interview with Essie Cohen Makeup on the Perfect Bat Mitzvah Makeup

Interview with Essie Cohen Makeup on Bat Mitzvah Makeup

While finding the perfect bat mitzvah dress is crucial for any teens’ big day, so is ensuring that they have the right bat mitzvah makeup . This not only fits in with the aesthetic/tone of their look/party, but also allows them to shine and feel incredible during the special day.

To learn more about bat mitzvah makeup, we spoke with Westchester-based makeup artist, Essie Cohen Makeup about how they work with clients to create incredible bat mitzvah looks. Read on for more:

Essie Cohen Makeup

Photo provided by Essie Cohen Makeup

Mitzvah Market: Tell us about your makeup services for bar/bat mitzvahs?

Essie Cohen: We offer makeup services for the family and the Mitzvah girl during this special occasion.

Mitzvah Market:How do you determine a look for a bar/bat mitzvah client?

Essie Cohen: I would say the look is a collaborative effort, between making sure it’s a level of makeup the parents feel comfortable wearing, the Mitzvah girls vibe, dress and style. We also ask for inspiration pics as well. We always caution using social media or Pinterest as many of them are highly altered and unnatural.

Mitzvah Market: What is different about your aesthetic?

Essie Cohen: We specialize in natural beauty enhancement. We want you to feel the best version of yourself.

Bar Mitzvah Makeup

Photo provided by Essie Cohen Makeup

Mitzvah Market:What are some of your favorite bat mitzvah looks you’ve created?

Essie Cohen: The best ones have a little sparkle great skin and the smile that makes me know they’re in love with how they look and feel.

Mitzvah Market:What are your trials and what’s involved?

Essie Cohen: We look at trials as a test run so everyone has the right expectations and the day of runs smoothly.All of my trails are held at our studio in Katonah, NY. However, my team and I do travel for an additional fee. We also include individual lash application as a part of our trial service.

Mitzvah Market: Anything else to add?

Essie Cohen: Trust vendors that they know their process regarding timing and creating the vision you’re looking for. Enjoy the day, relax and don’t stress!

Learn more about Essie and her services at You can also find her on Facebook at Essie Cohen Makeup Artist or IG at @essiecohenmakeup.

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