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SPOTLIGHT: The Mod Mitzvah

SPOTLIGHT: The Mod Mitzvah

For many Bar Mitzvah parties, the sentiment is “the bigger the better”. Huge, eye-popping décor, bright colors, and complicated design are commonplace at today’s parties. But this B Mitzvah boy and his family wanted something a little different and edgier.

Doing away with the larger-than-life elements that B Mitzvahs often sport, Will and his parents, along with Melisa Imberman and her team at The Event Of a Lifetime, decided to use a minimalist design approach for his big day. The sandy, beachside vibe of the Beach Point Club in Mamaroneck, New York was swapped out for a geometric, mod aesthetic, making the club totally unrecognizable.

From the beginning of the party planning process, Will’s desire for a chic, modern party and theming helped The Event of a Lifetime craft the perfect branding for his Bar Mitzvah. Using Will’s initials, they created a logo that looked more like a boutique print than a typical B Mitzvah logo. Guests took it all in from their first step through the door, signing the sign-in board and getting their seating assignments, through the end of the night when they took home chicly branded swag.


Inside the party, the mod design really took form, with simple, sleek elements in black and white complemented by lively pops of yellow. Before the party, Will and his family got to check out the black and white tiled dance floor and stage which had stunning views of the Long Island Sound.


Lit candles and tall floral centerpieces produced an air of elegance and whimsy fitting for such a momentous occasion. 


The marriage of chic and class while maintaining a fun atmosphere was the perfect vibe for the night, because Will was ready to party! In keeping with the modern design theme, guests stayed entertained by using virtual reality pods, taking photos in the futuristic-looking photobooth, or grabbing a drink at the branded bar.


Because of the sleek and modern design, Will’s Bar Mitzvah party aesthetic will hold up for years to come. Subdued and subtle, this décor proved that low-key can still be high-brow, and sometimes, less really is more.

Photo credits: Chad Kraus Photography

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