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Spotlight: Twins and the City

Spotlight: Twins and the City

As the old adage goes, you can take the girls out of New York City but you can never take New York City out of the girls! That’s what Melisa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime thought when she began planning Hannah and Lily’s Bnai Mitzvah. The twins, who originally hail from New York, relocated to Connecticut. Though their new home is just a stone’s throw away from the City, it can feel like a whole different world. Since they couldn’t have their celebration in their hometown, The Event of a Lifetime got to work on a recipe to bring the Big Apple to the Nutmeg State.

For the service portion of the Bnai Mitzvah, the twins and their mother traveled back to New York to celebrate with their community at Central Synagogue. Meanwhile, Melisa and her team were busy at work transforming a Stamford venue into an NYC-inspired night club. 

As guests entered the venue, they were ushered into an elevator that brought them up to a rooftop, opening up to signage in the likeness of iconic New York Subway signs.

Once upstairs, everyone walked a hot pink carpet, lined with pink ropes and stanchion posts, before having a bouncer check their names on the VIP guestlist, emphasizing the exclusive nightclub atmosphere. Inside the “club”, neon signs lit up the space, and huge, bright windows provided a gorgeous view of the (Stamford) city skyline.

From the onset of party planning, the tech-forward atmosphere of Times Square was captured by elements like an animated electronic invitation and three personalized logos that highlighted the girls’ personalities and love for New York City. Screens on the dance floor and throughout the venue flashed scenes of New York’s iconic imagery, bringing the energy of Midtown to the streets of Stamford.

The party decor was brimming with New York iconography, from neon signs, miniature skylines, and even a faux limousine that gave the lounging areas a swanky, upscale feel.

The twins got the party started on the blacklight dance floor, culminating in them shooting a CO2 cannon into the crowd! As everyone tore it up on the dancefloor, branded merch like trucker hats, slides, and Airpod cases made for exciting, modern giveaways. At the end of the night, everyone took home a super soft hoodie and an iridescent backpack bright enough to make you stand out in the crowd, even in a place as busy as Times Square.

Through meticulous work and attention to detail, the girls’ big city dreams came true that night. Though New York is the city that never sleeps, Hannah and Lily’s friends and family slept well after a night of partying and celebrating all together.

Photography: Sarah Merians Photography


By Vered Ornstein

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