A Bar Mitzvah On A Farm In Troy, New Hampshire: Farmitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah On A Farm In Troy, New Hampshire: Farmitzvah

This family from Natick, Massachusetts, celebrated their son Farmitzvah on June 6, 2015, at the Inn at East Hill Farm in Troy, New Hampshire.

All the guests arrived on Friday for Shabbat dinner and stayed through breakfast on Sunday morning. The Inn at East Hill Farm is a resort as well as a working farm so all of the guests had a fun-filled weekend.

Pictured L-R: Bar Mitzvah boy Evan, Mom Kira, Brother Milo and Dad Steve.

The photographer was Kristen Lenox Photography and the rest of the vendor information is listed at the end of the spotlight.





 The family bought a Tree of Life invitation on evite.com.



Marbit invite

The front of the invitation was laser cut to show the Bar Mitzvah boy’s name on the front


 The inside of the invitation

 Marbit RSVP Scheudle of Events

RSVP and Schedule of Events




The intimate and personal service with family and friends was held in the dining room of the Inn.



Evan Marbit service

Carrying the Torah through the dining room that transformed into a synagogue for the celebration

 Marbit service1

Guests listening to the prayers

Marbit guests

A wonderful photo of everyone including family and friends after the service



Mom Kira created the siddur/program herself. The family’s favorite part of services at home revolve around the songs, so that is what they focused on.

 Marbit program coverService cover




Looking handsome in his red kippot and tie.


Evan Marbit




The family belongs to a Sunday school only, so they needed to find a non-temple location to have the service. On a recent trip to the farm they asked if they could host their family and friends for the weekend celebration and the innkeepers were very accommodating. 


 Marbit family venue

The beautiful Inn at East Hill Farm




 The gift bags were given to guests upon check-in and included a schedule of events and scavenger hunt information.
Marbit out of towner bag
The gift bag goodies included New Hampshire-made chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, salt water taffy, gourmet salt, maple syrup, a jam or jelly, soap, and a pencil for each family. Plus, a fun silly putty for each child
Mom Kira had buttons made for each guest so everyone could see what their relationship was to Evan. They were color coordinated based on side of the family or friend.


Marbit button2
Red for the Bar Mitzvah boy since that was his party color

marbit button





The family are big board gamers, so games were chosen carefully for the group including Bananagrams, Dominion, Telestrations, Apples to Apples, and Evan leading the group for Werewolf. Additional fun activities included: horseback riding, ping-pong and dodgeball.


Marbit bingo friday night
Friday night bingo

 Evan Marbit fun horseback riding

 Evan relaxing on a horseback ride after the ceremony Saturday morning 

Marbit magician fun

The guest of honor with magician Jason Purdy performing a trick that assigned each guest a board game to play that “amazingly” was the right game for that person

 Marbit fun game table centerpieces

 Tables with board game centerpieces and popcorn to enjoy while playing


Dodgeball on the lawn
Dodgeball on the lawn


Marbit Ping Pong tournament
Friendly ping pong tournament

Marbit game fun
The game Telestrations was fun for guests of all ages






Lots of specialty drinks from Espresso Dave who customized the menu. Life is Sweet baked the delicious mini-cupcakes.



Marbit dessert menu

The menu of hot drink options

Marbit dessert
Six flavors of mini-cup cakes

Marbit dessert





The Inn offers 3 meals a day, served family style. Breakfast the day after the Ceremony, was a great way to send off family and friends.



marbit breakfast




Evan donated to the Life Straw project to enable third world countries easier access to potable water. Each project helps a community of as many as 3,000-5,000 people get clean, safe water and significantly improves their quality of life. 





Some advice from Mom Kira:
“Plan early and often. We had everything planned to the minute prior so during the event itself, we were able to simply enjoy.”





The following vendors helped to make Evan’s Bar Mitzvah special. If you give any of them a call, let them know you read about their services on MitzvahMarket.com.


Venue/Caterer: The Inn at East Hill Farm, 603-242-6495
Photography/Videography: Kristen Lenox Photography, 603-703-2626
Invitation: evite.com
Jason Purdy, 603-352-1080
Beverages: Espresso Dave, 888-221-9029
Cakes and Desserts: Life is Sweet, 603-352-0900
Buttons: Wacky Buttons: 585-267-7670

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