The Mandelbaum B’nai Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Mandelbaum B’nai Mitzvah Family Spotlight



The Mandelbaum family celebrated their twins Hallie and Jared’s B’nai Mitzvah on Saturday, March 1, 2014, at the Marlboro Jewish Center in Marlboro, New Jersey, with a Havdallah service followed by a black tie celebration.

Mom Randee hand-made many of the party elements and says her family’s celebration was truly the, “Best Day Ever.”

Pictured L-R: Bat Mitzvah girl Hallie, Dad Joel, Mom Randee and Bar Mitzvah boy Jared

DonaLisa Photography took all of the pictures and the rest of the vendors are listed at the bottom of this spotlight.







Simply Invitations designed the invitation with the perfect combination of feminine and masculine details.



Mandelbaum invitation

Mandelbaum stamp

 A coordinating stamp was used on all invitations





The Mandelbaum family looked great.




Mandelbaum family

 First the ladies: Mom Randee’s long gown was from Castle Couture and Hallie’s hi-low dress was from Rue Royale Couture. Both Dad Joel and Jared wore tuxedos from Russell’s Tuxedo Court

Mandelbaum Mitzvah style

Later in the evening, Hallie slipped into her blinged out sneakers that her mom bedazzled!





The Havdallah service was held at the Marlboro Jewish Center.




Mandelbaum service

Jared and Hallie held the Torah

Mandelbaum service
The yarmulkes were from and Randee created the service program herself

Mandelbaum program

After Randee designed the service program, Staples took care of the rest!

Mandelbaum service

 Randee created the blinged holders for the yarmulkes, ladies head coverings and service programs





Mom Randee created Hallie and Jared’s logo with Inkwell. It was used on various elements throughout their celebration.




Mandelbaum logo

 Jared and Hallie’s initials and date of their B’nai Mitzvah were included in their custom logo

Mandelbaum step n repeat

 It was the BEST.DAY.EVER!
Guests took photos in front of their step n repeat banner produced at






The Mandelbaum celebration was the first one in the newly renovated Marlboro Jewish Center. They worked with Dave Esquenazi on the food and Cindi Kaplin from Simply Invitations on the decor.



Mandelbaum decor

 The ballroom ready for guests to arrive

Mandelbaum decor

 Randee created this sign for the kids lounge area

Mandelbaum decor

 White feather centerpieces were on each table





Randee created many special touches herself! This included the place cards, head coverings and basket, bathroom basket frame and sign, yarmulke baskets, service programs, table numbers, napkin rings, menu cards, cake topper, centerpiece for place card table, photo books and signage for sign-in, signage for kids lounge, step and repeat banner, goody bags and she still found time to bling up Hallie’s sneakers for the party!



Mandelbaum DIY
Table numbers

Mandelbaum basket

Bathroom basket

Mandelbaum place cards

Place card table and centerpiece

Mandelbaum place cards
Place cards

Mandelbaum menu

  Menu card



Music entertainment was provided by Noble Entertainment with twin MCs Phil and Andrew!




Mandelbaum DJ - Twin MCs
The twin MCs pose with the Mandelbaum family

Mandelbaum dj
The dance floor was packed all night!

Mandelbaum horah
Jared up in the chair for the Horah!

Mandelbaum horah
Hallie’s turn

Mandelbaum dj
Randee danced with her guests



v2stamp_videoHallie and Jared’s Dad Joel works for MSG as a video producer. He enjoyed creating their montage so much that he would like to start creating these special Bar Bat Mitzvah montages for other families too.


Mandelbaum montage

The creative montage featured Joel’s “sports” friends from MSG and other video clips. It was a big hit with the crowd!




Like many of the other elements, Randee designed Hallie and Jared’s sign-in books and the sign!


Mandelbaum sign-in
Each book had a picture of each guest!

Mandelbaum sign-in

Guests found their picture in each book and could sign their name and/or leave a special message

Mandelbaum sign-in





There was lots of extra entertainment for guests at this celebration.





Mandelbaum fun
Hair bling was provided by Donna Belle Hair Jewels

Mandelbaum fun
Photo fun by The Main Event

Mandelbaum fun
Tattoos by Any Time Any Face

Mandelbaum fun




Mom Randee made the large initial cake topper and blinged the candles!




Mandelbaum cake topper

Mandelbaum candle lighting

Mandelbaum candle lighting
Hallie and Jared’s friends posed for a photo





 Inkwell Global Marketing created the sweatshirts, t-shirts and drawstring bags for guests.




Mandelbaum favor

Mandelbaum favor

Mandelbaum favor
Guests also received water bottles with custom labels, a bag of chips, cookies, danish and comfy slippers for the ride home!

Mandelbaum favors

Favor bags for guests lined up and ready to go!




Check out the many treats for the Mandelbaum’s guests.



Mandelbaum Mitzvah treat
Snow cones

Mandelbaum MItzvah treat
Chocolate fountains

Mandelbaum Mitzvah treat
Pucker Powder





The Best Day Ever left Jared, and especially Hallie, exhausted!



Mandelbaum Mitzvah End




 The Mandelbaum family walked in the March Of Dimes, “March For Babies Walk” on April 27, 2014, in New York City to raise money to fund research that helps prevent premature births and promote healthy pregnancies.

Mandelbaum Mitzvah Project

 Hallie and Jared chose this Mitzvah Project in memory of their sister, Marni Joy, who was born premature at 26 weeks and only lived in the NICU for 11 days




Some Mom to Mom advice from Randee:

“1. Be organized and start early! Get creative, get involved, I was sketching logos, designing color combinations, attending Bar Mitzvah showcases and researching ideas at least a year before our B’nai Mitzvah.
2. Before affair: Get kids involved, let them have a say, give them choices and let them help out.
3. Day of affair: Take a moment or two and soak it all in, realize it was all worth it. Soak up all of the love and smiles, I did!!
4. Write thank you notes to Rabbi, Cantor and all vendors/people who helped make your affair the best one ever!”





The following vendors helped to make Hallie and Jared’s celebration special. If you call any of these vendors, please let them know you read about their services on


Venue: Marlboro Jewish Center, 732-536-2300
Caterer/Cake: Dave Esquenazi, Exquisite Caterers, 732-294-0032
Centerpieces and Invitations: Simply Invitations, Cindi Kaplin 732-617-7211
Music Entertainment: Twin MC’s Phil/Andrew, Noble Productions 732-972-6944
Party Entertainment (Photo table, photo booth and cubbies): The Main Event, 1-800-839-0918
DonaLisa Photography, 732-792-6801
Kevin Hodapp Video Productions, 732-254-8352
Made with love by Dad Joel, 908-433-2246,
Tattoos: Any Time Any Face, 732-619-6775
Hair Bling: Donna Bella Hair Jewels, 1-888-424-7548
books: Made by Mom,
Party Favors (Drawstring bag, sweatshirt/t-shirts): Inkwell Global Marketing, 1-800-437-8518
Mom’s Dress: Castle Couture, 732-617-1414
Hallie’s Dress: Rue Royale Couture, 732-758-0224
Dad and Jared’s Tux: Russell’s Tuxedo Court, 732-972-3988
Make-Up: Brittney, 732-688-7396
:, 1-888-kippahs
Personalized Napkins: The Knot, 1-800-390-9784
Personalized Items: Vistaprint, 1-866-614-8002
Step N Repeat banner:


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