The Brent Greenberg Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

The Brent Greenberg Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight


When it came time to decide a Bar Mitzvah party theme for the Greenberg family from Cold Spring Harbor, it was very easy. They spend their summers on Fire Island located on the south shore of Long Island and decided this would be a perfect theme!

Their service was held on February 8, 2014, at the Woodbury Jewish Center in Woodbury, New York, followed by an evening celebration at Carlyle at the Palace in Plainview, New York.


Pictured Left: Bar Mitzvah boy Brent, Dad Gregg, Mom Tracy, his brothers Ross, Casey and the family dog.

Sherwood Triart was the photographer and the rest of the vendors are listed below.








Earl from Sherwood Triart Photography spent an afternoon with the Greenberg family capturing them at all the places they love on Fire Island. These images were later incorporated into various elements of their celebration and will be in their album as well.


Greenberg beach

 Team Greenberg walking the narrow streets of Ocean Beach, Fire Island

Greenberg beach

 Team Greenberg on the beach




Dara Grunberg from Dear Friends created their handsome invitation in deep brown.




Greenberg invitation




This celebration was held at Carlyle at the Palace in Plainview, New York.



Greenberg venue




David Miller from PBG Miller Immersive Environments served as the party planner and transformed the room into a beach paradise.



Greenberg decor

 The theme was Ocean Beach, Fire Island. For the adults, one side of room was designed to look like the town and for the kids, the other side of the room was designed to look like the beach. There were also hand painted reclaimed wood beach and town direction signs

Greenberg decor

 A custom bar featured the famous saying, “Don’t Swing The Lights” to resemble the Albatross Bar in Ocean Beach. Mom Tracy worked there in college

 Greenberg decor

Special touches could be seen everywhere including this nautical centerpiece display. The entire room’s perimeter was wrapped in beach fencing while ocean projections could be seen on the walls

Greenberg decor

 Fisherman netting appropriately served as table cloths

Greenberg decor

Tables were cleverly created from bikes & wagons (Fire Island has no cars)

Greenberg decor

 Brent hung out in the beach lounge featuring a faux bonfire and concave ocean projection wall. Check out the umbrella cloud ceiling treatment!

Greenberg decor

 The kids lounge area

Greenberg decor

 Those familiar with Ocean Beach know there are a lot of rules. A humorous custom Ocean Beach sign greeted guests




In keeping with their authentic Fire Island theme, this family entered Brent’s celebration the same way they get around all summer!



Greenberg Make An Entrance

Mom Tracy and Dad Gregg entered on bicycles

Greenberg Make An Entrance

Brent entered the room on a long board skateboard pulled by a bike and water ski tow rope!





Entertainment Tonite provided the music for this celebration with Matt as the MC.



Greenberg DJ


Greenberg DJ






For his sign-in board, Brent wanted to re-create the dart board at the Albatross in Ocean Beach.



Greenberg Sign-in

Brent in front of the real thing in Fire Island

Greenberg sign-in

PBG Miller Immersive Environments re-created the dart board which served as Brent’s sign-in board for his celebration





PBG Miller Immersive Environments provided lots of extra entertainment including a photo booth, Pop-o-Shot, LED Ping Pong Tables, a Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss and a creative way to display donuts!

 Greenberg fun

 Kids goofed around with all the props

Greenberg donuts

Donut wall with Life Ring Donuts and custom sign, “Before you jump ship make sure to grab a life ring” 





Brent’s “beachy,” but delicious cake was provided by Carlyle Catering and “dressed up” by PBG Miller Immersive Environments.


Greenberg cake

Brent’s cake matched his theme perfectly

Greenberg DJ

Brent with all his friends






Ali Mitchel created the red pinnies for his friends.



Greenberg favors

 Bagged and ready for pick-up!

Greenberg favor




Some Mom to Mom advice from Tracy:
“Hire an event planner. Let the experts worry about the details so you don’t have to! PBG Miller Immersive Environments was amazing to work with.”




For his Mitzvah Project, Brent helped raise money for Sunrise Day Camp, a camp for children with cancer. He was on the Jr. Crew/Kid-mittee, and helped plan and promote the J-Crew Champions for Charity event at the Americana in Manhasset.

 sunrise logo homepage




The following vendor’s helped to make Brent’s celebration special. If you give any a call, please make sure they know you read about their services on


Venue/Cake: Carlyle at The Palace, Mindy Savvides, 516-756-1600
Party Planner: David Miller, PBG Miller Immersive Environments, 516-358-0800
Extra Entertainment (Photo Booth, Pop-o-shot, LED Ping Pong Tables, Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss): PBG Miller Immersive Environments
Decor/Cake/Sign-In: PBG Miller Immersive Environments
Music Entertainment: MC Matt, Entertainment Tonite, 516-826-6900
Photographer/Videographer: Earl, Sherwood Triart Photography, 516-921-2700
: Ali Mitchel, 404-455-9808
Invitation: Dara Grunberg, Dear Friends, 516-456-2514
Boys clothing: Kenny’s Mens and Boys Wear, 516-921-2660
Mom Tracy party dress: TSE boutique
Hair: Ben, Salon Mayan, 631-683-5757
Make-up: RJ West, 631-271-2108

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