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For Most Kids: It’s All About The Favor

For Most Kids: It’s All About The Favor

For Most Kids: It’s All About the Favor
by Howard Zwang of Gotham T-shirts

There are so many details that go into planning a Mitzvah. What is the most important detail, in your child’s opinion? If you ask your child, he or she will most likely tell you that the DJ and the “wearable” for their friends are most important to them. With that in mind, I hope to help you find the right vendor to make your printed apparel. Here are some tips:

* One of the best ways to select a screen printer is to look at what your child brings home. If there is something in particular that you like, find out who made it. Usually, the screen printer will identify itself by placing a label on the apparel. Or you can call another parent and ask for the vendor’s information.

* Ask the screen printer to give you a general price on how much the items will cost. A hooded sweatshirt should run about $13 to $15 for a multi-color print job. A zipper sweatshirt should run about $20 and a T-shirt should run about $7.

* You should always ask to see samples. To save time, have them email you photos of their work.

* Try to use a vendor that has an in-house art department to create original artwork rather than clip art. An original design is sometimes included in the price but can be up to an additional $200. Make sure you clarify if original artwork is included in a quote.

* Once you know your confirmed guest list, you will now begin the tedious job of figuring out guests’ sizes. Use your child as a model. Always order extras.

* It is important to make sure you have definite pick-up dates for the items. Many vendors do offer home or hall delivery. Moms, do you really feel like schlepping big heavy boxes from your car? It’s much more convenient to have them delivered to your house.

* Many vendors do offer labeling and bagging. The price should be $1 to $2 each. If you are savvy with your computer you can do it yourself. Ask the printer for the logo so you can print them out for your bags.

Thanks, Howard! We appreciate the great tips! To learn more about Gotham T-shirts, check out their unique Vendor Directory profile.

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