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Mitzvah Mom Shakes Her Groove Thing

Mitzvah Mom Shakes Her Groove Thing

Do your kids cringe when you dance at friends Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations?

We laughed while reading this funny article by writer Emily Yoffe in She pens a column called, Human Guinea Pig where she takes readers’ suggestions for strange activities or hobbies to try.

Pictured left are Emily (1st row) with the rest of her Mitzvah dancing crew!

Ms. Yoffe is a regular contributor to Slate magazine and she has also written for The New York Times, O, The Oprah Magazine and The Washington Post.

Emily Yoffe

In this particular piece, Yoffe relays about her adventure as a motivational dancer on the Mitzvah circuit. The title of the piece says it all ” America’s Oldest Living Fly Girl Tells All: My brief, Booty-shaking Gig as a Bar Mitzvah Motivational Dancer.”


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