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By Gregg Raffa of Gregg Raffa Events & Entertainment

We all want our guests to have a fabulous time at our events, and providing engaging entertainment is often one way to help ensure a good time is had by all. Gregg Raffa of Gregg Raffa Events & Entertainment offers a few points of interest that we can all consider for the success of our special events. Here are Gregg’s Top 5 suggestions:

1. Always plan way ahead. You may think that six months or a year of lead time is enough. However, top quality entertainers often book well in advance. Booking early will ensure that you get the very best.

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2. Always hire a professional agent that has a good reputation. If you are looking to engage a local performer, you should deal with a local agent. It is very easy to check to make sure they have performed honorably in your area.

3. With today’s technology, there should be no excuse NOT to check out an agent’s Website. By visiting a company’s or individual’s Website, you should be able to check out any entertainers that may be of interest to you. But remember, it is virtually impossible for agents to include every entertainer they may represent. If you don’t see what you want – ask.

4. Have a conversation. Never book just by email. You should explain verbally the type of event you will be holding, what you expect from the act, the demographic of your invited guests, the times involved, the venue, etc. The more information you can provide about your party, the better the agent can help.

5. Many of life’s milestones that you will take with you as you journey through life are the very reason to be cautious now. There have been many disasters at parties that can be avoided by being an educated buyer. Doing this will ensure your remembrance of a party well planned.

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