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10 “Green” Ways To Celebrate Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

10 “Green” Ways To Celebrate Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

By Jill Selby, EVENTually Green

One very significant way a teenager can help the Jewish environmental cause is to make “going green” a part of their Bar/Bat mitzvah celebration.

After all, Mitzvah means “good deed.” A Bar or Bat Mitzvah signifies the rite of passage from childhood, into adolescence and toward adulthood. With this coming of age, there also comes a broader level of responsibility. What bigger responsibility could there be than to be thoughtful of God’s creation and what better occasion is there to address it and celebrate it?

There are many ways to celebrate and at the same time, be mindful of the planet. It is probably easier to get your 13 year old on board than most adults.

To show respect for the environment and have a great time, the following are “10 Ways To Go Green”:

1. Use cork if you can instead of Styrofoam, which is widely used for centerpieces. Styrofoam is actually banned in many places. It fills approximately 30% of landfills worldwide and ends up getting burned which lets out a carcinogenic chemical called benzene into the air. When put out in the garbage, it can be ingested by animals and ultimately causes death.

EVENTfully Green

2. For a party theme, use already existing materials for décor. For instance if you have a music themed party, try utilizing old CD’s in a centerpiece.

EVENTually Green favor

3. During a candle lighting use soy candles. They burn longer and cleaner.

EVENTfully Green

4. Often, fun and crazy necklaces are given out by the DJ are from plastic. Necklaces, bracelets and even loose beads made from recycled paper are cool looking and available.

EVENTually Green giveaways

5. Instead of printed invitations, directions, rsvp’s, etc. use either email, the web or at least tree-less paper.


6. Since corks are biodegradable and easily available, they can make great place card holders.

EVENTually Green place card

7. Sign in boards are usually styrofoam. Alternatively you can use an already existing object such as a surfboard for a beach theme.

EVENTually Green Surfboard Sign-In

8. Suggest carpooling as an option for guests, and with the price of gas, I don’t think there will be much resistance.

9. Donate leftover food and useful materials to charities. It may also be a tax deduction.

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10. Choose balloons for decorations which are latex, not plastic, therefore biodegradable. Just don’t let them fly into the air.

Many people are under the assumption that “green” is more expensive. That is not necessarily true. In some cases, you can save money.

There are so many things that can be done. In many cases you can create a gathering that is far more interesting and memorable besides being budget-friendly and green!

EVENTually Green is an eco-friendly party planning, consulting and sourcing company that serves the tri-state area. Their innovative services are available to any person or business looking to throw a fantastic event while “leaving their carbon footprint at the door.”

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