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Top 10 Ways To Be A Perfect Party Guest

Top 10 Ways To Be A Perfect Party Guest


By Shelley Tunis, Owner, Occasionally Yours


There’s nothing quite like throwing a big party, especially a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. If you’ve planned one, you know what an experience it is. You’ve probably also been to dozens of affairs…but have you ever wondered what it takes to be the best party guest?

Here’s the top ten ways to make your hostess be glad she invited you as a guest!

1. Show Your Support: Everybody could use a hand, so don’t sit on yours. Offer support to your friend as she’s planning the event, and advice if you have experience that’s of value. As much as possible, soothe nerves, offer encouragement and anticipate problems. Be a Big Sister.

2. Be Outgoing at the Temple and the Reception: Engage out of town relatives and friends so they don’t feel disconnected. If you see someone who looks lost, or if they seem not to know many people, introduce yourself and share your relationship to the family. Bring another friend over to join you in making them feel welcome.

3. Break the Ice: When you get to your table, step up and be the hostess. Do the introductions — always a good way to break the ice – and be enthusiastic about the party.

4. You Should Be Dancin’:  Don’t get comfortable in your chair! Get up and participate in all the action. Go onto the dance floor and have fun. Kick off your heels, wear the boas, the hats, the beads and necklaces and dance with the group. Remember this rule of thumb; the more people packing the dance floor, the better the party.

How To Be A Good Party Guest

5. Go Wild…But Not Too Wild: You want to have a good time, so feel free to be silly and let loose. Laugh heartily, sing along with the band, be funny… but don’t overindulge. Your hostess will appreciate you so much more if you refrain from getting drunk. Everyone remembers the guests who “over-do” it!

6. Lend A Hand: Seek out the hostess and offer your help. See if she needs anything done. Offer your services, like checking the hallways and bathrooms to make sure children are not roaming around unsupervised.

7. Be A Problem-Solver: If something looks out of place, try to solve the problem without concerning the hosts. For instance, if you see dirty dishes piled up by the buffet, speak to the catering manager. If the seating cards are askew, straighten them out.

8. Pay Attention: Make sure that everyone’s having a good time, especially the young teens. Be sure they’re inclusive so that nobody is made to feel isolated and lonely. All of us can remember that feeling.

9. For the Duration: You’re at a party, so enjoy yourself and plan on being there all night long. Don’t be the first to leave and, if possible, stay until the last dance.

10. The Morning After: Don’t forget to call the hostess the next day to let her know what an awesome party it was. Remember that everyone loves a compliment and after all the time and effort she put into the party, she’ll be anxious for your positive review.

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