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Tips On Creating Your Child’s Entrance Video

Tips On Creating Your Child’s Entrance Video

There’s no doubt that video is starting to play a much bigger role in Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations. We reported on the “entrance video” trend in the past and now we are going to get expert tips on how to make your child’s stand out!

Showcasing your child’s talents and personality in a custom video is a perfect way to introduce your child at his or her big party!

We asked Wanda Weber from Spot On Pictures to give us some things to consider if you are thinking of doing an entrance video for your child.



Here are a few tips she would like us all to think about:

Is your child really comfortable in front of a camera? Do they really share your vision and idea for a video?

If the answer is YES, then collaborate with your child on an entrance video concept. Get them involved as early as possible. Their enthusiasm will be infectious and will create a more cooperative atmosphere when the camera is rolling.

A two to three minute entrance video is all you need to set the stage for the perfect entrance!

Work with a professional video production company that has a good track record in producing entrance videos. Be sure to ask for examples of their recent work and ask to talk to their recent entrance video clients. There’s nothing like the recommendation of another parent to give you confidence in your video production company.

Write down your concept in detail and review it with your video production company prior to hiring them. Make sure they understand your ideas and see if they’ll collaborate with you. You want to work with a company that will not only make your ideas a reality, but will creatively build on those ideas to make the biggest impact.

Once hired, make sure your video production company gives you a detailed shot list; script (if any) and a prop/wardrobe list at least three weeks before your shoot date.

Be sure to gather all props and wardrobe items as early as possible. You’ll save time and money if you’re well prepared.

Make sure your child is well rested, rehearsed and prepared for the day of shooting. Will he or she be lip-synching to a song? If so, make sure they know the song inside and out. Again, this will save you time and money because your video crew will “get the shot” with fewer “takes”…and less editing time in post production.

Last bit of advice – everyone RELAX and have FUN! FUN shows up on video and everyone will be thrilled with the results.

About Spot On Pictures
Spot On Pictures is a full service video production company ready to help you create a high impact entrance video or innovative multimedia montage that will be the highlight of your celebration. They have been in the video business for over 20 years and have been developing creative and entertaining montages for well over 10 years. The head of production, Gemma Tummolo used to cut movie trailers, network commercials and PBS Documentaries – so your montage will be produced and edited by one of the very best in the business.

To learn more about Spot On Pictures, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

Here are a two recent entrance video examples from Spot On Pictures:

Spot On Pictures Ally Witt
Ally’s Entrance Video

Ben and Julia Entrance Video Spot On PIctures

Ben & Julia’s Entrance Video

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