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Mitzvah Inspire: A B’nai of Turquoise, Orange and Purple

Mitzvah Inspire: A B’nai of Turquoise, Orange and Purple

Our readers often ask us for ideas in how to pick colors for B’nai Mitzvahs – especially when the celebration is for a boy and a girl. Well we found two event planners in So Cal who put together a hip and modern B’nai Mitzvah while incorporating the personalities of both kids. 

Brad Austin Imaginative Florists is one of L.A.’s leading floral designers and event planner Evie Steinberg of Be Out Guests worked together at Temple Judea in Tarzana, Ca.

Photography by Susan Bordelon Photography.



These yarmulkes are cool and set the tone for the party colors

Very modern place card set up


How cute and unique is this?


The table linens were alternating turquoise and orange


Brad Austin created two different styles of centerpieces, and all vases of tropical Heliconias and orchids, filled with tinted water, soared above the table


Lime green Kermit mums formed a floral collar to support the kids’ logo


 The kids’ logo was embossed on the custom designed white dance floor to look just like the invitation


Picture of the two guests of honor and their “sweet life” candy bags

 We want to thank Brad Austin for sharing this great B’nai Mitzvah with our readers.

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