Mitzvah Inspire: Bubble Gum Bash

Mitzvah Inspire: Bubble Gum Bash

Mitzvah Inspire: Bubble Gum Bash

The Springfield Marriott was the venue for this bubble gum themed Bat Mitzvah, and the party was popping all night long! Brian Ambrose was the photographer.





Party planner Nancy Goldstein and her crew from Amazing Celebrations transformed the ballroom into a bubblelicious party with amazing details for Bat Mitzvah girl Abbie who looked beautiful and perfectly matched the decor in a long hot pink dress.


Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum how many are in the jar
Guests stopped at this table draped in swirl pink linen to try their luck at guessing the number of gumballs in the jar and to write a note to Abbie in the custom sign-in book created by Brian Ambrose Photography

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum decor
Without assigned seats, guests were able to move around all night and mingle to their heart’s delight

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum decor lounge1
The Springfield Marriott ballroom was completely transformed into a pink oasis complete with fabric and lighting décor from CJC Lighting and white lounge furniture from American Furniture Rentals

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum decor draping
The Dubble Bubble lounge was a great spot for the kids to take a break from the festivities

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum decor pillows
Plush pillows that looked just like packages of gum and individual pieces of gum peppered the seating areas 

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum decor draping2
Amazing Celebrations even used bubbletape to hold back the curtains of the kids’ lounge area  

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum bar1
The open seating plan allowed a very relaxing atmosphere for all of the guests

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum menu
Each guest was handed a custom menu card as they entered the ballroom so they could get a ‘taste’ of the incredible feast that was in store for them

Mitzvah Inspire Bubble Gum popcorn
Bright pink bubblegum flavored popcorn was just one of the many treats

Abbie’s friends received custom designed sweatshirts with a logo by Super Heroic Graphic Designs in hot pink party bags to end the evening

 We want to thank Nancy Goldstein from Amazing Celebrations for sharing this creative Bat Mitzvah with our readers. 

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