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Taking The Horah To New Heights

Taking The Horah To New Heights



We love hearing from our Mitzvah Market readers, especially when they have interesting photos to share with us!



Mitzvah Mom Sue celebrated her son Jake’s Bar Mitzvah this past weekend and wanted us to know that her husband Steve took the Horah to new heights!!!

Steve Brett

Steve Brett during the Horah at his son Jake’s Bar Mitzvah

Sue said, “The party was great, but I must admit I looked up to see Steve standing on that chair and thought, ‘I hope the life insurance money will cover the cost of this party!'” She then adds, “I hope this doesn’t inspire anyone else to try this circus-like act at their party!”

Look for the Brett Mitzvah Family Spotlight very soon. Jake had a terrific and clever candle lighting idea that we know you will love!


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