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Ladies Room Baskets

Ladies Room Baskets

Your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah is a week away and you think you have thought of everything….then you realize you need a ladies room basket!

Many Mitzvah Moms take care of this “to-do” item themselves by using a basket they might have at home and hitting the store. We thought we would provide a list of common items that are used in the basket. We hope this shopping list makes it easier for you to cross this off your list!

Alka Seltzer                                                 Mints/Gum
Aspirin & Tylenol                                      Mouth Wash Spray
Hair Spray                                                    Emery Boards
Tampons & Panty Shields                     Hair Comb, Pick & Small Brush
Sewing Kit                                                    Bobby Pins
Clear Nail Polish                                       Safety Pins
Visine                                                             Band-Aids
Spray Deodorant                                       Hand/Body Lotion


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