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Cost-Saving Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ideas

Cost-Saving Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ideas

With today’s economy, cost-saving is on everyone’s mind. How do you celebrate your child’s milestone event without breaking the bank. There are many great creative ideas that can cut costs and have your guest smiling and saying, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

Not every idea will work for every family, but the key is to keep an open mind and consider all the possibilities. There are some very creative ways to spend less in many areas of your planning:

1. Sign-in boards – This idea is priceless! Take your son or daughter’s closet door off the hinges and made it look like a locker door. Using a fresh coat of red paint, a few lines across the top and a lock. This door is then brought to your child’s party and leans on a wall. Guests can used a sharpie marker to write their wishes. The door is then brought back home and re-hung with the signature either on the inside or outside of the closet door.

Barzilay sign-up doors

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Another idea is to create a capsule sign-in board. Why not use a decorative bowl or other type of large container to house special notes to your child from your guests.

Lustberg sign in

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You can also use a piece of furniture as your sign-in board. An item that will then be used in your child’s room. Sports chairs for boys and shoe or cell phone chairs for girls are some options.

Nussbaum Cell_phone_chair

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2. Place cards – Your place cards can double as favors for your guests. Just be careful not to use anything to large. Keep in mind, your guests will be holding this item during your cocktail hour before going to their tables.

Another idea is to eliminate the need for place cards altogether and ask your catering hall/venue to have the staff take care of telling guests where to sit. Just make sure you provide a detailed list of names and table numbers.

3. Invitations – Printed invitations are beautiful and set the tone for your affair, but there are other options available that will keep you environmentally conscious. Some families have opted to create Websites filled with all type of guest information. There’s plenty of room for service info, party info, directions, dress code, RSVP and much more. With a Website created just for your event, it continues to live on long after your party is over. You can post photos and/or video from your celebration and invite guests to visit.

If you are not the tech-savvy type, an alternative is sending Invitations via email. eVite is fine for your child’s birthday party or family BBQ , but the new is a custom online stationery store where you can design, deliver, monitor and manage your invitations. Paperless Post’s invitations and announcements have the beauty and thoughtfulness of traditional cardstock, with the convenience and accessibility of today. You save on paper and postage by purchasing their virtual stamps.

Paperless Post logo

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4. Photography – Many professional photographers are designing a la carte packages to keep up with what families are asking for. If you are a DIY type of family, perhaps you would like to hire a professional photographer but leave the album making in your own hands. You can request the disc of photos at the end of your affair. You would be responsible for making your own photo album using one of the many internet choices available today.

5. Favors –Wearable favors are great, but can get expensive when you consider the customized design, multi-color printing and then packaging for the young guests. What about something other than the most popular wearable favor: a sweatshirt? PJ bottoms, shorts, sweatpants, tanks, t-shirts even airbrushed flip flops or a personalized snuggie are a nice alternative and probably something the kids do not already have. If you want to skip wearables altogether, consider a personalized gumball machine filled with a delicious snack, a chocolate cell phone and cell phone holder or picture frames to match the theme.

Lisa Chalker gumball small

From Family Affair

As you can see, if you keep an open mind, you can save money in many Mitzvah-related categories!





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