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Mom Find: A Mitzvah Mom Journal By Sarah Merians

Mom Find: A Mitzvah Mom Journal By Sarah Merians

Who better to find the latest and greatest for all things Bar Bat Mitzvahs than our own Mitzvah Moms!

We have spotlighted over 200 families and we thought it would be fun to call out some of the “Mom Finds” that you might have missed.

When Sarah Merians of Sarah Merians Photography & Videography celebrated her daughter Emily’s Bat Mitzvah, she kept a Mitzvah Mom Journal. She covers topics such as: Location/Venue, Invitations, Synagogue, Photography, Video, and Montage. Entertainment, Décor/Lighting, Cake, Looking Good (Clothes/Hair and Make Up) and Miscellaneous (Yamukas, Tallis, Giveaways, etc.)

As Sarah explains, “Even though I’ve seen it all and know a lot, it doesn’t mean that I know it all! Because of this, I have decided to chronicle my Mitzvah experience not only to preserve the memories, but also to offer advice and support to all of you Mitzvah Moms who may be going through the same journey as me.”

Sarah Merians Mitzvah Style

Sarah with her daughter Emily on her big day!

Below are four tips from Sarah when beginning the Mitzvah planning process:

1. Surround yourself with professionals that share your vision. Real professionals that know the importance of teamwork can be one of the secrets to a successful party.

2. Make sure you are confident and comfortable with your catering manager or hire an event planner to oversee the event. It is important you are a hostess and can truly enjoy the experience with family and friends.

3. Experience brings comfort and comfort equals trust. We are all spending a lot of money to make this day special so spending it wisely is key.

4. Create a list of all the variables and things to do to pull off your event by your date. I see parties planned a month in advance and I see clients that begin two years prior. Anything is possible today, however careful planning and delegating will allow for the entire process to be fun and exciting.

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