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Keeping Track Of Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Costs

Keeping Track Of Your Bar Bat Mitzvah Costs

No matter what kind of celebration you plan for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, there are many costs involved. First you need to decide what kind of party to have and what extras to include. Do you want to spend more money on the entertainment, or the food? Do you want to hire a magician, or have the kids make flip books? What other events will you host?

We’ve provided a list of all of the potential costs. Planning ahead and keeping track of your expenses will help you develop a realistic picture of the total costs.


Synagogue Fees – Ask what costs are associated with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah service.
Programs – Some families choose to print a program card or brochure to explain the service rituals and who is participating.
Kippot – See if your synagogue allows personalized kippot before ordering.
Flowers – Do you need to provide flowers for the bimah?
Tallit – Are you purchasing a new tallit for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child or using one from a family member?
Kiddush – If you plan to host a buffet or luncheon folloiwng services ask your synagogue what costs are involved (food, staff, flowers, linens, etc.) If there is another celebrant, see if you can share the costs.


Invitations – These can range from expensive custom invitations to do-it-yourself homemade ones.
Thank You Notes
Save the Date Cards
Table Place Seating Cards
Calligraphy – If you decide to hire someone to hand write your place cards and/or address your envelopes.
Postage – Be sure to weigh an envelope with all enclosures to determine the final cost. For an extra fee, you can order customized stamps through many websites.


Transportation – Will you transport out-of-town guests from the hotel to the synagogue and to the party if it is off site? You may also need transportation for children attending without parents.
Additional Meals – Are you having out-of-town guests for Friday night dinner and/or Sunday brunch?
Welcome Gifts for Hotel Guests



Party Planner (if you choose to use one).
Band or DJ  – Plus, you will be charged extra for dancers and motivators. Don’t forget to factor in feeding the extra staff.
Entertainment – This varies widely depending on the type of quantity of activities you bring in.
Montage Specialist – You can hire a specialist or ask your DJ/entertainment company if they can put together a creative montage of photos and videos.
Custom Cake
Party Favors
Giveaways – Some DJs supply the giveaways they hand out on the dance floor; for others you need to supply your won or you may want to supplement their offerings. Ask the DJ if this is included in their fee.
Socks – Sounds odd, but trust us, girls will often take off their shoes for dancing and will want to don socks for sliding around the floor.
Exit Treats – Many parties are including candy bars, coffee trucks and other fun food as guests exit at the party’s end.
Tips – There may be some staff you would like to tip afterwards.


Clothes for synagogue and party for your child and other family members.
Hair and makeup

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