Tips For Custom Stamps For Your Invitation

Tips For Custom Stamps For Your Invitation

Your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation sets the tone for their celebration. You sometimes spend many hours debating over the perfect colors, font style and envelope liner. 

Once the decisions are made and the invitations are ordered, you are faced with yet another dilemma…the stamp!

We all say we aren’t going to do it! It seems ridiculous to spend extra money on a custom stamp, but soon we find ourselves placing the order anyway.

Before making the decision to order a custom stamp, make sure you check with the USPS to see what regular stamps with different themes they are offering. These non-custom stamps could be used on the outside of your Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation envelope or can be used for the RSVP and/or thank you notes and can save you lots of money!

Bar Mitzvah stamp, Bat Mitzvah stamp

Here is the “forever” Celebrate stamp from USPS

If you are going to order a customized stamp, here is the first very important step.

Visit the Post Office in your area with your finished invitation. Make sure it is loaded with all items you will be mailing (i.e. direction card, rsvp etc.).

Speak to a Post Office worker and ask them to check the size, weight and shape of the envelope. Sometimes more postage is needed for odd shaped envelopes. Invitations considered “packages” will be subject to the new rate change as of September 3, 2017. After you confirm the postage, go to another Post Office and don’t be surprised if you get different stamp amounts from different Post Offices.

Tip: Go with the higher one, it’s not worth the risk of the invitations being returned.

Knowing the amount of postage you need for your invitation might make it easier to decide which service to use.

We checked out the two authorized licensed vendors of the U.S. Postal Service: PhotoStamps and Zazzle.

We found they are basically offering the same pricing, within a few dollars of each other. The main differences were in two areas: 1. The postage amounts each sells and 2. The flexiblity in the size of the stamp.


With PhotoStamps, a part of, there is only one size stamp – see examples. However they offer fourteen different postage denominations ranging from 34 cents for postcards to 48 cents regular first class stamps to $5.60 for packages.

To create a custom stamp via PhotoStamps, all you need to do is upload a photo, customize it using their easy-to-use interface, and place your order. Their customization interface allows you to zoom, move, and rotate your image, and then select one of 10 different border colors to match your image perfectly. 

Mitzvah Market - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Resource


With Zazzle, you have the opportunity to design your own stamps from scratch or use one of their templates.
Here are their 3 options:

1. Upload an image
2. Create a stamp just using text and colors
3. Upload an image, with online customization and text

We found some great examples of Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah postage stamps from store. These templates make it very easy to customize your own information on these stamp designs.

Here are some samples.

Zazzle offers 12 denominations of postage and three stamp sizes (small, medium, and large) and each stamp size can be designed in either a vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) format.

Bar Mitzvah stamp, Bat Mitzvah stamp, Custom stamp

You will find many similarities between these sites. All are relatively easy to use and allow you to upload your own photographs and graphics. A custom stamp does put a finishing touch on your Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation, but expect to pay almost double for that special touch! 


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