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Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Bar Bat Mitzvah DJ

Top 15 Questions To Ask Your Bar Bat Mitzvah DJ

The DJ/MC you choose for your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration has to be good!

By good, we mean experienced. By experienced, we mean experience with Bar Bat Mitzvah parties. It’s a tricky event because the entertainment is kid-focused, and at the same time, you want your adult guests to have a great time too.

You’ll want to be sure they understand the nuances and timing of the important rituals such as the horah and candle lighting – and, they need to keep the kids entertained.



1. How many years of experience do you have doing Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations?
2. What do people say about your parties?
3. May I have some references from families who have used your services at a recent Bar or Bat Mitzvah party?
4. Will you guarantee a certain DJ/MC will be at my event? Will it be in the contract? Can I speak to that person? Tell me a little about him or her? Does he or she have other experience with working with teenagers?
5. Can we see you in action? (Most DJs have videos showing them performing so you can get a sense of their style and interactions with guests. Others will supply dates they are doing similar affairs so you can see them in person.)


6. What attire will the MC, DJ and dancers be wearing? Ask this if you have a preference. You may want them to wear black shirts and bow ties if it’s a formal affair or have a more casual look for a club theme. You also may not want the dancers to be dressed too scantily. Some families provide T-shirts with the party logo for a coordinated look.
7. Do you bring all your own equipment or do you need the venue to supply anything? Also, do you have backup equipment and other MCs and DJs available in case of emergency or illness?
8. Will you work with us to create a timeline of the event and when to add in such special activities as the hora, candle lighting ceremony and montage? (Coordinate this with the venue as well.)


9. Will you supply the giveaway party favors? Do we get to choose what we want? Is this an additional charge or is it included? If there is an additional charge, you can save money by purchasing these directly from novelty companies.
10. Do you have a zap shot photographer and the ability to show those photos on screens during the party? (If this is supplied by your photographer, have them coordinate with the entertainment company to make sure they have access to the screens.)
11. What other extras can you supply? Many DJs can supply arcade games, live musicians, magicians, photographers, video montages experts and more. 


12. What is your fee and what does it include (including number of people they will bring, how many hours they will play, etc.)? Are there any other fees? Be clear about this. Some entertainment companies charge for parking, travel expenses, etc. Finally, what about tipping—ask what is customary.
13. Are you insured?
14. Am I expected to feed the crew? If so, ask your venue or caterer to supply sandwiches and determine cost beforehand so there are no last minute surprises when they charge you for a full price meal for each person.
15. What is your cancellation policy?

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