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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

We love hearing from you. We recently received an email with this question:

“We’re in the process of planning a ‘football theme’ Bar Mitzvah in S. Texas for June ’09. Any ideas for football parties?”

Great question! We scored some good ideas from Lori Bellan, Party and Event Coordinator for Fantasy Music and NY Lounge Décor. Here are some of Lori’s ideas:

1. Incorporate the colors of the child’s favorite team in the theme – the lighting, tablecloths flowers, etc.

2. Place a life-size stand-up in football gear near the sign-in table.

3. Consider creating a ticket booth where you pick up your place cards.

4. The DJ can dress us like a referee and introduce your child as the MVP of the evening.

5. Create a “half-time” show.

6. Depending on the budget, you could hire a professional player to visit.

7. Jerseys make great giveaways.

8. For the kids’ seating, you can use bleachers and create lockers for their belongings.

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