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Zap Photographer Feedback

Zap Photographer Feedback

Zap Photographer Feedback

Last week, we posted a question one of our Mitzvah Market Mail readers from Warren, NJ, sent in. Here was her question:

We’d like to have a roaming photographer take pictures and then post them on our screen at our Mitzvah. We have the screen. We just need the person to take the photos and be able to post them during the party. Do you know any reasonably priced vendors in my area for this?

Thank you to those of you who replied! Here are two responses we thought we’d share:

MM reader Darlene B. writes in: We had a photographer as well as the DJ company provide us, at no additional cost, the person to take the zap photos. The other option I would recommend is a company called The Main Event. They do photo booths and games but can also walk around and take additional pictures. You may be able to work it out with them for zap photos on your screen at a reasonable price. They are excellent! (You can contact The Main Event at 800-427-6359 or visit their Website.)

Bob Fine of Robert P. Fine Photography wrote in to say that he does what our reader was looking for. If anyone would like to learn more about Bob, he can be reached at [email protected] or 914-773-4291.

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