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Centerpiece Question

Centerpiece Question

Centerpiece Question

Oh, we love mail! We recently received an email from a Mitzvah Mail reader who posed a great question. Here it is:

“I am planning my son’s bar mitzvah in April and am trying to think of non-traditional, creative options for decor. I am not having a specific theme … and we are having a luncheon at a local country club. I am thinking about centerpieces (for the adults’ tables) consisting either of attractive plants, which would then be donated, or perhaps something funky such as goldfish in cylindrical bowls, with a mirrored circular platter beneath. Any thoughts on decor alternatives to flowers but more exotic and upscale than balloons?”

To help us answer the question, we reached out to Nancy and Lisa of Wizard Events, party planners extraordinaire, who serve the NY/NJ/Conn area. The Wizards sent along some photos as inspiration, and they sincerely encourage MM readers to give them a call (914-576-8900). They love to talk shop, and a consultation is always free!

Wizard centerpiece 1

This centerpiece is a very cool lamp that adds drama and ambiance

Wizard centerpiece 2

This centerpiece uses orchids as a simple yet elegant focal point

Wizard centerpiece 3

Centerpieces using hot air balloons are inexpensive and can still be dramatic

Thank you again to the party planning experts at Wizard Events for sharing their photos and ideas with us.

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