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Mitzvah Find: Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand

Mitzvah Find: Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand

Buying a Bar and Bat Mitzvah child a special tallit is something many families will do. Some try to match color and fabrics to what the guest of honor is wearing or even to their celebration theme.

Tallit by Ina Bearak Helfand specializes in custom tallit and works with each family on choice of style, color and fabric fashioned to your personal taste.

Made from the finest silks, wools as well as other exotic fabrics found from all over the world, Ina loves designing a tallit with a person’s interests and fabrics of loved ones or where their personality comes through.

Did you know that the tallit is the only “accessory” mentioned in the Torah?



Tallit by Ina ties
The ties used in this design belonged to the Grandpa for a young lady who wanted to feel the presence of her late grandfather at her Bat Mitzvah. Culling through his ties, the family chose a lovely combination to create a wonderful memory and keepsake

Ties By Ina
Three rows of music and three rows of ribbon were essential to designing this musical tallit with silver grosgrain accents and the tzitzit and musical Atarah (around the neck)

Talllit by Ina

This creation series shows the many color possibilities available in creating your own designs

Your ideas are welcome, so email Ina at [email protected] or call her at 914-245-3173.


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