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Elite Feet: Simon Elliot Events

Elite Feet: Simon Elliot Events



Simon Elliot Events is a New York based event production company that specializes in state of the art digital media. The Simon Elliot creative team is dedicated to providing innovative services and productions that inspire. They live outside the box and welcome you to explore our constantly evolving service offering. 



Introducing…. Elite Feet™

What’s a pair of sick kicks without a matching pair of socks!? With Elite Feet™ your guests will have the rare chance to completely customize a pair of Nike Elite socks live at your Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

At the Elite Feet™ kiosk your guests will choose from various colors of socks and designs, and even be able to create custom designs on the fly!

Simon Elliot Events: Elite Socks

Finished socks are bagged and tagged by name, ready for pickup

Simon Elliot Events: Elite Socks

Graphics are sublimated directly into the fabric producing a full color quality far better than iron-on heat pressing


Simon Elliot Events: Elite Feet

To learn more, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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