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What’s New From Simon Elliot Events This Fall

What’s New From Simon Elliot Events This Fall


Summer is almost over, and we have lots to look forward to! New fall clothes, apple cider, pumpkin carvings, and new ground breaking services from Simon Elliot Events.

The Simon Elliot creative team has been hard at work this summer preparing new games, custom giveaways, and photo favors that are sure to take your event to the next level. Today, Mitzvah Market readers will get an exclusive first-look at what’s in store.

Here’s the deal:
Mention this Mitzvah Market blast 2014 and receive free custom printed graphics on any service listed in this blast.

*New bookings only, package exclusive to extra entertainment services, can not be combined with other offers, event must be booked in 2014.



 The Simon Elliot creative team is dedicated to providing innovative services and productions that inspire! Below is their NEWEST in Entertainment for your Bar Bat Mitzvah Guests!

1. StickerBomb
StickerBomb that shiny new MacBook with a customized hardshell cover and a ton of trendy stickers. From the StickerBomb kiosk, guests choose their favorite color MacBook cover and then customize it from our extensive inventory of popular computer stickers. 

Simon Elliot Events
StickerBomb Kiosk

All of the stickers are designed and printed in-house so we can add tons of custom options to complement any theme. Don’t miss this opportunity to have the coolest MacBook in school this year!


2. Body Bling Tattoos
Bling your body from head to toe with our custom line of metallic temporary tattoos. Guests choose from a wide range of designs in gold or silver metallic.

Simon Elliot Events

 The Body Bling kiosk is sure to draw a crowd. Your guests will have their tattoos applied right at the kiosk by our trained staff. Body Bling Tattoos are non-toxic and last 4-6 days. With advance notice our design team can create custom metallic tattoos just for your affair!

Simon Elliot Events

 3. Elite Feet
What’s a pair of kicks without a matching pair of socks!? With Elite Feet your guests will have the rare chance to completely customize a pair of Nike Elite socks live at your Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Simon Elliot Events

At the Elite Feet kiosk your guests will choose from various colors of socks and designs, and even be able to create custom designs on the fly!

Simon Elliot Events

 4. Custom Speaker Station
Let’s face it, the tech revolution is upon us, with product innovation at an exponential pace. Stay one step ahead of the curve this year with our brand new customizable portable speaker station. Give your guests a favor they will never put down when they have the chance to amplify music from their smart phone or iPod in a whole new way. Guests choose their color of speaker, customize it with graphics, and the fun begins. Our proprietary Magic Speaker works right out of the box, guests simply turn on the speaker on their music device, place it on top of the speaker, and wirelessly without any setup , music will begin streaming through the speaker. 

Simon Elliot Events
Every speaker package comes with our signature kiosk that is sure to be a focal point of your affair. Our helpful staff is on site to help guests with their selections. Speakers come packaged in a full color custom box that can include photos, logos and more. This is the ultimate accesory to take to camp, on long road trips, or even listen to tunes on your bed.

Simon Elliot Events

5. Party Time
What time is it? It’s Party Time! No seriously! Colorful watches are where it’s at right now, just ask any kid to see their special edition G-Shock watch collection.

Simon Elliot Events

For the first time, guests can now customize their own watch live at your affair. At our LED lit Party Time kiosk guests will have the option to choose one of eight watch band colors, and a custom graphic face featuring some of today’s most popular trends. Our helpful staff is on site to assist guests with their selection and to assemble their watches. Don’t be late to the party, check out Party Time Today!

Simon Elliot Events
6. Custom Headphone Station
If there’s one accessory every kid has to have, it’s a custom pair of designer headphones. With our Custom Headphone Station, each of your child’s guests will have the opportunity to customize a pair of headphones to take home with them as a party favor. Our design team has created a series of pop culture decals that include sports, music, celebrities, and more.

Simon Elliot Events

Each pair of headphones is presented in a custom box designed for your affair.

Simon Elliot EventsThe Custom Headphone Station features an LED lit kiosk with a mall style appearance presenting all the headphone colors and customizing options.

Simon Elliot Events
7. Touchscreen Arcade
Every great affair is made up of a few very important components, great food, great music, and great entertainment. With our state-of-the-art TouchTech gaming tables, take your event entertainment to the next level where controllers, keyboards, and mice, are a thing of the past. Accommodating up to 8 players simultaneously at a single table, guests can compete in digital air hockey, casino games like roulette and poker, board games, action games, and more. You’ll never have to worry about your guests getting bored with only one game to play, our tables come loaded with hundreds of gaming options. We’ve designed these tables to enhance the look of your affair with sleek LED lit acrylic podiums, customizable backlit graphics, and even multiple table heights so you can make them part of your lounge furniture area. Our tables can easily be moved from cocktail to reception so you get the most playing time possible throughout the affair. Our helpful attendants are on site to make sure everyone gets a chance to get in on the action. Get in touch today to find out more about the TouchTech Arcade.

 Simon Elliot Events

8. Selfie Photo Booth
The selfie craze is in full force, amplified by the popularity of instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. If you’re wondering, a selfie is a self portrait taken on a smart phone or digital camera. Friends love to send photo updates throughout the day that show where they’ve been, what they’ve eaten, and who they’re with. Our new Selfie booth takes the selfie to the next level with our customized Selfie Photo Booth featuring wireless triggering of photos, automated printing and even full photo editing capabilities via our ultra popular Strolling Photos editing suite.

Simon Elliot Events

9. Mitzvah Madness Basketball™
Basketball for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs will never be the same. We’ve rethought, redesigned and rebuilt arcade style basketball from the ground up. Introducing Mitzvah Madness, featuring up to 4 players simultaneously competing in a :60 second shootout. Scores are displayed in real time on a plasma screen built into the backboard that features each guests’ name as they play. At the end of each round, a “round winner” is displayed along with an up-to-date top 10 leader board for your affair.

Simon Elliot Events
Watch a video about Mitzvah Madness here

Each player’s stats are tallied and saved in our database enabling guests to keep track of their progress from past events and to see where they stand on the current leader boards. We will be keeping track of stats on a regional and state level offering big ticket prizes to the highest scorers each season.

Mitzvah Madness can be designed as a completely customized experience for your affair. All of the backlit graphics surrounding the game can be designed and printed to match your theme and color scheme. Our custom programmed light shows emanating from inside the game will make Mitzvah Madness a focal point in your ballroom. The pre-round countdown, score board, leader board, and game soundtrack can be customized as well. No two Mitzvah Madness tournaments are the same.

Simon Elliot Events

Want more basketball? Mitzvah Madness can be tethered side by side to allow up to 8 players to compete at one time.

10. Fit+ Challenge™
Let’s face it, kids today love shoes and technology. This revolutionary service features Nike’s Hyperdunk+ technology. Guests face off in a fitness challenge that measures vertical jump height and running speed. Guests strap on a pair of our custom designed glow in the dark Fit + Hyperdunks, offered in all popular sizes. The shoes wirelessly transmit each player’s information to our plasma screens in real time. Onlookers will be amazed to see this tournament in action.

Simon Elliot Events

Watch a video about Fit+Challenge here

The Fit + stage can be completely custom designed to match your affair featuring custom backdrops, plasma frames, flooring and even custom shoes.

Winners receive prizes including Nike giftcards, Nike clothing and an optional new pair of Nike Hyperdunks!

As an added option, your Fit+ Challenge stats can be posted online to a private gallery on FitPlusChallenge.com so your guests can download and save their performances and stats.

11. Strolling Photos™
This changes everything about photo favors! Strolling Photos is a brand new take on photo favors for your event. Our professional photographers are equipped with editing tablets enabling them to snap your guests photos anywhere throughout your affair, edit the photo in front of you, and wirelessly transmit it for printing. All you have to do is pick it up.

Simon Elliot Events

Guests can then edit their photos on the spot, adding filters, borders, digital stickers and even drawing on their photos. Adult guests frequently get caught up in a conversation or on the dance floor and never make it to the photo booth. With Strolling Photos we go to them. Young guests will have a ball editing their photos to their hearts content and without a backdrop and tables you’ll gain valuable real estate in your party room.

Framed prints are ready for pickup in no time at all. Guests can even email themselves their photos and link them to their Facebook pages the moment the photos are taken!


12. Superstar Photo Booth
The Superstar Photo Booth is a completely customized photo booth experience. The booth is designed to fit up to 10 adults comfortably and is completely wrapped in custom graphics.

Simon Elliot Events
The outside of the booth features an LED screen that loops all of the photos taken during the party. The inside of the booth features a customized touch screen interface and custom printed backdrop or step and repeat.

Simon Elliot Events

Photos can be presented in custom layouts with great framing options.

Simon Elliot Events

If you’re looking for a photo favor option that is unlike anything else you’ve seen, the search stops here!

To learn more about Simon Elliot Events, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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