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Mitzvah Find: Project Repat

Mitzvah Find: Project Repat

Before, during and after your child’s 7th-8th grade party circuit, their drawers and closets are overflowing with t-shirts and sweatshirts that were collected at parties, promotions, event giveaways and of course Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

What do you do with all those great t-shirts and sweatshirts? Project Repat has the answer! 

Started by Nathan Rothstein and Ross Lohr, Project Repat makes it fun and easy for you to upcycle your old t-shirts and other clothing into fashionable and functional new products like bags, scarves, ties, and blankets. All Repat products are made by someone making a fair and living wage in the USA.

It’s very easy to order. Once your order is placed, a box will arrive with a pre-paid envelope. Just send them your shirts and 4-6 weeks later, a new, one-of-a-kind product will return to your house made out of your clothing!

 We thought this was a great gift idea for all types of occasions!

 The blankets come in two sizes

They are made out of up to 20 of your t-shirts with a fleece back

For more information, visit or email them at [email protected].



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