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9 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation Keepsake Ideas

9 Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitation Keepsake Ideas


Once your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah service and celebration are over, you are left with great memories. Your photographer will create a special album, the videographer will produce a fun video and now we have ideas on how to preserve your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation too!

Many invitations set the tone for the type of party you will have and it’s an important party element. We have come across some great keepsake ideas that also make great gifts.

From creative frames to stained glass boxes and more, you can hold onto your Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation in a number of ways. Your child might even thank you for doing it…one day!

The box above is from Ribbon Made Designs, and can be made in any color combination you need or to match any decor.


Here are some other ideas we found: 


From Carol Colman Creations, this collage type keepsake can hold many elements from your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah

Sew Many Gifts uses the Bar Bat Mitzvah invitation to create a keepsake pillow. The one above was done in sophisticated Pink and Brown fabrics to complement the invitation. The original ribbon from the invitation was used on the pillow
Traditions Jewish Gifts can take your invitation and create a beautiful custom made handcrafted glass version

It Could Be Verse has a popular item: the Framed Invitation. They mount the actual invitation and surround it with fun and whimsical 3-D graphics, depicting all of your child’s favorite things. It is then matted and framed

From Lexington Studios, this personalized box features your child’s invitation painted on the outside and a special message from the gift givers on the inside. Each album comes with ten 8.5 x 11″ sheets to hold your favorite photos and can also serve as a guest sign in book!

The Pieced Palette uses your invitation to create a sign-in pillow that your guests sign during your celebration. It can be done as shown above or she can take your invitation and print it on heavyweight cotton twill. The fabric is mounted taut so that it can stand on an easel at your party for your guests to sign with permanent marker. After your celebration, she will take back the fabric and create a comfy floor pillow for lounging

Unique Glass Gifts created a smiley face Bat Mitzvah invitation memory box

So Shani on Etsy creates unique and personalized memory boxes for your child to store all the mementos from the big day. She uses pictures, programs, place cards and even parts of your yarmulkes

Artist Jacqueline Winch can created a customized jewelry box with two hinged lids using your invitation

Did you create a unique keepsake for your child’s invitation? Let us know at [email protected].



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