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What The Mitzvah Boys Are Wearing

What The Mitzvah Boys Are Wearing


We spend a lot of time on the Mitzvah girls. Did you read our previous story What The Girls Are Wearing? There’s a lot to say!

But now we are asking about the boys. Although suits, slacks and shirts come in a variety of colors and patterns, we usually don’t focus much on them, but today’s story will.

These boys have dressed very creatively for their Bar Mitzvah celebration!



Check it out below:


For his 007 theme, Garrett Jochnau entered looking sharp in a white tuxedo. Check it all out in his Mitzvah Family Spotlight

From the Mendelsohn spotlight, these brothers created custom sneakers for their Bar Mitzvah celebration

For his Jeans, Jewels and Jersey theme, Tyler Gersten wore a jersey with the number 13

 Zach Keller wore a baseball shirt custom created for his celebration at the Yogi Bear Museum

For a Dylan’s Playboy Club theme from East 7th Street Promotions

 Did your son dress creatively for his Bar Mitzvah? Let us know at [email protected].




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