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Mitzvah Inspire: What The Bat Mitzvah Girl Is Wearing

Mitzvah Inspire: What The Bat Mitzvah Girl Is Wearing

Some find the task of shopping for that special dress for their child’s Bat Mitzvah easy and some find it impossible!

It helps if your daughter has some idea of what she’s looking for. What color, what length, what style?



Here’s some inspiration that we hope will help with the shopping process:



  Samantha couldn’t decide between long or short, so she wore both! The short white dress was worn for her havdalah service and cocktail hour and then she “made her entrance” in the long gown
These pretty dresses are both from It’s Simply For You

Hannah looks great in her short Jovani dress from Zola Keller in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

From the Citron spotlight, Chloe’s white gown is from Outrageous Boutique

Mikaela is wearing a pale blue silk satin gown with rosettes of the same material with crystals inside them. The dress, designed by Kimberly Towers of Runway Couture also had a removable strap of rosettes

Jordan Dictrow looked beautiful in her gown from Diane & Co.

Kendall Gnat’s pretty sparkly dress was from Nordstroms

Emily’s long purple gown is from Princess Charming in West Orange, New Jersey

The Kaden family celebrated their daughter Sydney’s Bat Mitzvah on Fire Island. Her Laundry dress by Sheli Segal from Saks Fifth Avenue captured the beachy vibe

Jodi Backalar went with a tennis theme, comfortable footwear and a pretty yellow and lime green short dress with a basket weave top from Guys N Gals in Michigan

Rachel Brenner’s turquoise gown from Outrageous Boutique was the first dress she tried on

Tylar Trichon went with a dress that was short at the front and long from the back from Designing Dreams

Paige Sollender wore a pretty pale pink dress from Party Girl

From Wendy Robinson Photography, this Bat Mitzvah girl has a great soccer accessory around her waist!

Camryn is wearing a pink gown from It’s Simply For You

Beckett Morris jumps for joy…her mom got her dress on sale at Neiman Marcus!

Here’s a Faviana multi ball gown from Omnibus Fashions

The Newman family celebrated with a denim and diamonds party so Runway Couture designed Emma’s dress with a removable skirt. The purple sequin top was paired with white jeans for her celebration

After Emma “made her entrance” she switched from the full skirt to white jeans

If you would like to share your daughter’s Mitzvah dress with our readers, send a picture to us at [email protected]. We will also “pin” it to our Mitzvah Dresses boards.




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