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7 Tips For Completing Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Album

7 Tips For Completing Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Album

By Susan Adler, Susan Adler Photography

In the world of Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography, the final album represents the culmination of all of your hard work and planning. Why spend time and devote resources to a celebration if your family and friends are not remembered and showcased in a beautiful album?

Understandably, however, making such an album can be the most daunting of tasks, which is why I want to share a few helpful tips in regard to the album compilation process, and ultimately getting the most out of your photographs.

All too frequently I hear of experiences where albums were never made, and children and parents alike were left with no album because it had been put off to “do later.” Procrastination hurts the album-making process, for it is one that requires the timely participation of both the client and the photographer. Again, don’t wait for your photographer to remind you, assume your participation is required, and help to catalyze the process by contacting your photographer – we don’t mind it one bit!

How, then, should the album-making process proceed? The ideal plan would be for the client to view proofs online within 30 days, select favorites by 60 days and have a first draft design within 90 days.

Keep in mind that your album is a fine art custom book, and can take anywhere from 3 – 6 months to make after the design has been completed. The goal should be to have your final album by the one year anniversary date of your event.


1. Take care to ensure that your photographer offers you an online gallery and/or an option for a proof book. Do not delay in viewing the pictures, when they are fresh in your mind you will be able to choose your favorites more easily. In other words, don’t wait!

2. Begin by choosing the images that you like to look at the most, i.e. those images that appeal most to you, for whatever reason. Your gallery should have a way to “tag” these favorites and thus share them with your photographer. Don’t worry if the initial number of images you choose exceeds the final amount to be included in your album, eventually, you will be able to narrow down your selections, ensuring that all “must have” photos are included in your album.

3. Once favorites are chosen, ask your photographer if he or she offers you an online option to view a digital prototype of your album. This can expedite the process greatly, and allows more easily for any changes to be made.

4. In regard to changes, make sure that your photographer offers you the opportunity to make changes and revisions.

5. When choosing cover materials and album types, consider longevity and timelessness. What would you want to look at in your living room (and what will work best with your style and taste) for years to come? If your daughter’s favorite color is hot pink at age thirteen, it may not be at 21!

6. Find out if your photographer offers an affordable alternative to high cost fine art albums. I offer only fine art albums, but, if they so desire, will give my clients the contact information of preferred vendors for making their own albums.

7. Ultimately, try to enjoy the process of album design, think of it as the best means of showcasing your celebration. Look for a photographer whose sense of style and taste matches your own, and allow him or her to be creative, for this will produce the best work.

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