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Dress Do-Over

Dress Do-Over


The year of your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, there is a good chance you and your family will attend many a Mitzvah. Between the classmates, camp friends and Hebrew school buddies, your child (and you!) will most likely be invited to your fair share of events. Is your wardrobe ready? Here are some ways to maximize your wardrobe (and your daughter’s wardrobe!) without breaking the bank, when you are a guest at an upcoming affair:

1. Rent a dress. Websites like WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com and RentTheRunway.com offer amazing designer dresses for you to rent. Brand new styles by designers like Vera Wang, Michael Kors and Tuleh are available for the borrowing for as little as $50 to $200. The same dress would retail for $400 to $3,000! You can’t beat it! But plan ahead; there could be a waiting list for the style or size you have in mind. And as a member of RentThe Runway.com, you have online access to a fashion stylist who can help with just about anything from advice on fit to finding the perfect accessory.

Dress Do-Over Wear Today

WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com offers this Teri John fitted one shoulder silk taffeta gown to rent

2. Swap. Call your sister, your neighbor or your friend and see what she’s got stashed away in her closet. When you find an item to borrow, decide on a policy for giving it back; pinky swear that you will return the dress by a certain date, completely dry cleaned and ready for the next big event. For the cost of dry cleaning, you’ve got yourself a frock that is new to you!

3. Recycle. There is nothing better than getting more mileage out of something you already own. Do you have a little black dress in your closet from days gone by? Give that dress a facelift. Doll your favorite LBD with a few bright and shiny accessories. Have fun with baubles or brightly colored or metallic shoes. Either dig through your jewelry box or indulge in a new trinket. You can go with as low-end as Target or as high-end as Tiffany & Co. and have a ball choosing jewelry. The idea is to pick something that sparkles.

Dress Do-Over Nordstrom LBD

The little black Donna Rico dress from Nordstrom’s get’s a whole new look with the sparkly brooch in the center

4. Shop consignment. Don’t dismiss it if you’ve never tried it! You can shop high-end consignment and find yourself with an amazing deal on a designer frock that costs a fraction of what the dress cost originally. You might even find a dress on consignment that still has the original tags on it! Looking for an appropriate consignment shop near you? Go to our Website’s search bar and type in “consignment.” In the past we have reported on Jade Formals, MINT and Best Dressed Secret.

5. Go with pants. Black pants are really a girl’s best friend. And for a Mitzvah, black pants paired with a bright, fun top might be the way to go. When you go with black pants, let your top be the star. Choose something fun or sophisticated. You can always rent a top from

WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com or RentTheRunway.com, swap with a friend or recycle one you already own. If you choose to wear a sweater, make sure you layer. A crowded event can mean for a warm room, and you may wish to take your sweater off.

Dress Do-Over Wear Today top

This Rebecca Taylor top, also from WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com would work great with black pants and it’s under $35 to rent!







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