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LED Centerpieces By EK Productions

LED Centerpieces By EK Productions


EK Productions LTD. is a professional group of entertainers founded in 1986. Their company has grown from a successful DJ operation to a full scale event planning unit, specializing in videos, dancers, automated lighting and special effects, games, percussionists, MCs and other exciting entertainment for your affair. 

EK Productions now offers a unique line of illuminated decor items to enhance a lounge setting or create a beautiful table top look. Each stylish accent piece adds warmth to your decor and creates an elegant ambiance to your event space.


Event designers at EK Productions are happy to help you decide the decor that works best for your Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration.

White Birch Vase Centerpieces: Perfect as an accent piece around the ballroom or as a centerpiece for your tables, these LED white birch centerpieces add an elegant ambiance to each event

Crystal Beaded Lamps: Available in both 24” and 28″ with an LED implanted in the center of each lamp, these lamps can be illuminated in your choice of color 

Wax Globe Centerpieces:  Customized to illuminate a color of your choice, these wax globes are simplistic, yet beautiful.

Remote LED Oversized Cylindrical ‘Lamp-Lites’: Color-Changing LED’s and white spandex shade add a modern, club style look to your event

Sports Centerpieces in tall cylinders with lampshades offer an upscale feel 

Hanging crystals adds to the elegance 

“Referee” striped lampshade, perfect for a football centerpiece

Baseball centerpieces with “All-American” blue lampshades 

Any sports theme works with these colorful decor pieces

 To learn more about EK Productions LTD, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.  

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