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Setting The “Bar” High At Mitzvahs/Interactive Entertainment Group

Setting The “Bar” High At Mitzvahs/Interactive Entertainment Group

Interactive Entertainment Group is a nationwide direct source and full service event production company.

They produce unforgettable events for their clients including the following elements: DJs, MCs, photo favors, lighting, cocktail hour entertainment, light-up lounges, specialty acts, interactive games, montages, entrance videos, fun food carts, and a variety of craft, party favors and party endings.

Interactive Entertainment Group recently launched three exciting new products perfect for Bar Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

1. InstaCam Photo Booth & Print Station
The InstaCam photo booth provides an event experience like no other. You get the traditional photo booth experience on a print that looks exactly like an Instagram post that can be customized, with the ability to take photos and print from any Smart Phone in the room.

Step 1 – Guests take a photo with Instagram from their Smart Phone or directly at the Kiosk.
Step 2 – Use Custom Hashtag when posting your picture to Instagram.
Step 3 – Photos instantly print at the Instagram Kiosk.

Social Events
At any social event, this will create a photo booth experience that truly embodies the best of yesterday and today. Photos post to Instagram and can stream to Facebook, Twitter, Smug Mug, Emailed or SMS Texted.


2. Urban Hoops
Urban Hoops is an inner city park inspired basketball game gone hi-tech. The game is enclosed with authentic chain link fencing. The backboard is made to look like the side of a brick apartment building. Our hi-tech LED flatscreen scoreboard is built into the backboard. The vinyl ball return is printed asphalt with court chalk lines. All graphics on the scoreboard can be customized including the background image and two places for logos or photos. Music is queued to play themed tunes.

The software for the scoreboard has two modes:

Tournament Mode: Four players face off to see who advances in the final four tournament. Each player has their name entered into the computer interface and their names show up on the LED scoreboard. Also, you can customize the name of the shot clock timer. They have 60 seconds. Their score will advance digitally with the authentic looking scorebaord. They’ll get 3 points when there is 15 seconds left. At the end of the game the buzzer goes off and a winner is declared on the scoreboard, if they are in the top 10 scores of the night they will go on the top ten list that displays between games and on a separate monitor constantly.

Carnival Mode: Urban Hoops takes two proven favorites: Basketball and race type games where you complete against other players, such as roll-a-ball horse race and balloon races. Our carnival mode combines the two. An attendant checks players into the computer interface so their basket is activated. Five second countdown and buzzers sound off. On LED screens built into the backboard each player has his own animated avatar basketball player dribbling a basketball (that can be changed for logos) that is advancing toward their on screen basket, every time a players basket is scored. When their Avatar reaches a basket, he stuffs the ball in and that numbered player will be declared a winner for a prize. The amount of baskets to win is adjustable in the interface but generally it is the first to score 10 to 15 baskets.


3. Virtual Graffiti Wall
How it works: Instead of paint, when the cap is pressed the can ‘sprays’ light. The digital paint appears wherever the can is sprayed, just like spraying paint on a real wall. As well as its wide palette of paint colors, new features such as animated stars, swirls, drip effect paint and a variety of stencils are now available, and we can even custom make further spray patterns and stencils to reflect your event or client. The wall can be used in all event settings. The virtual interactive digital graffiti wall excites guests and gives them the ability to express their own artist creations on a larger then life canvas. Any image can be loaded as a background so guests can easily paint like a coloring page, or allows for custom branding with logos or themes. Guests use a realistic spray paint can. After the guests create their art they can print a copy onsite or save it to a computer or website. Now with Green Screen and Social Media upload capabilities.


Guests love the Virtual Graffiti Wall!

To learn more about Interactive Entertainment Group, please visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.



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