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Learn More About Jimmy Dee Entertainment

Learn More About Jimmy Dee Entertainment

Jimmy Dee Entertainment is one of New York’s most sought after sources for Entertainment and Enhancements for Private Events.

Recently, Jimmy Dee Entertainment celebrated their 25th year in business and was awarded the prestigious “Best of Westchester” award in 2012 and 2013. Boasting a talented roster of MCs, DJs, Motivators, Musicians and Specialty Talent, Jimmy Dee has every option imaginable to make any event unique.

We spoke with Alex Lampert, a partner with Jimmy Dee, to learn more:

MM: With so many entertainment companies to choose from, why do you think Jimmy Dee has had so much success?
AL: I believe our success is due, in part, to our meticulous attention to detail when working with our clients. We’re not the type of company that sits back and waits for clients to present us with their ideas. Our team of event planners is very assertive in letting clients know when it’s time to start putting “event-blips” on their radar.

Our attention to detail in the planning phases of an event carries through to the talent that is placed at the event. We have very high standards for our own staff, as does our clientele, and they take comfort in knowing that they are trusting the success of their event in the hands of people who care about it just as much as they would their own.

Being in business as long as we have, you see trends come and go as well. In order to not only stay in business but to be renowned within our market, we are constantly innovating and expanding to keep up with the trends in events and trends in technology. When guests attend any event, they will always note what was “different” or something they had never seen before. Whether or not they want it for their own event, those things stick out in people’s minds and show that our company is not just full of great entertainers and music, but great ideas as well.

MM: One of the many strengths you talk about are your talented MCs and the variety of personalities on your staff. Please tell us about them.
AL: Our clients have the privilege of working DIRECTLY with the MC of their choice. Whoever they would like to have at their event is a guarantee from day one. As their date approaches, our MCs meet with their clients either at their home, their venue or at our office to review all details and logistics for their big day. Each one of our MCs has 10+ years of experience in the industry so you know you’re not getting any Rookies! Learn more about our MCs here.

MC Kevin and a guest having fun!

MC Alex working a Mitzvah

MM: You offer many other services. Please describe what else families can book with Jimmy Dee.
AL: We are always adding more options for our clients. By the time you have finished reading this, we’ve probably already released some of our newest photo favor options!

Chocolate photo favors!

Aside from DJ and MC Entertainment, we offer everything under the sun! Some of our most popular options are our Photo Booths and Photo Favors Stations, Airbrushed items, Lounge Furniture and Cubbies, Arcade Games, Creative Stations and Specialty Talent.

In 1991, Jimmy Dee joined forces with Fantasy Flash Photography and Video. Through Fantasy Flash, we offer our clients the option of packaging in photojournalistic photographers and videographers to capture, creatively, our clients’ events. Package rates and savings are offered when combining multiple services.

MM: How has your business evolved over the years?
AL: Years?! Try decades! We have grown immensely in the past 25 years and with each year we continue to raise our own bar. We started as just a DJ company and through the years have continually added tons of services and options but we have not lost quality control on our flagship service – our Entertainment. However, being that we offer so much, our management team has evolved from their role as a point-of-contact for just the DJ service. We have five full time event coordinators that can be reached at any time during the week or weekend to plan anything from the largest scale event to answering the most menial of questions. Our event coordination team not only helps you plan and produce your event, but they also take part in graphic design, video editing and facilitation of outside vendors to ensure that every detail about your event is EXACTLY as vibrant and unique as you want it to be.

 To learn more about Jimmy Dee Entertainment, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory.

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