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Jimmy Dee Entertainment: Creative Lighting Options

Jimmy Dee Entertainment: Creative Lighting Options

Jimmy Dee Entertainment is one of New York’s most sought after sources for Entertainment and Enhancements for Private Events. Their attention to detail in the planning phases of an event carries through to the talent that is placed at the event. They have very high standards for their staff, as does their clientele, and clients take comfort in knowing that they are trusting the success of their event in the hands of people who care about it just as much as they would their own.

Being in business as long as they have, they’ve seen trends come and go. In order to not only stay in business but to be renowned within their market, they are constantly innovating and expanding to keep up with the trends in events and trends in technology. 

Jimmy Dee Entertainment works hand-in-hand with their clients in planning and designing their event. Every aspect from the décor and logo, to the sound and lighting setup, and the flow of the event is meticulously planned and organized so that when all ideas come to fruition, the clients get to enjoy being a guest at their own event! 

Jimmy Dee Entertainment offers clients several ideas to upgrade their entertainment package including great lighting options such as:

Uplighting – A technique used in lighting design to enhance the atmosphere of any given space.  It involves placing lighting fixtures on the ground and focusing them upward.  This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event space.  It can add color to a neutral surface, such as a wall or column.  By carefully selecting the placement and focus of their lighting fixtures, they can brighten any room and give it an inviting glow.  If you want your event space to radiate elegance, Uplighting is the way to go.



Custom Gobo – A great way to add a personal touch to a venue.  Gobo stands for “Goes before Optics.”  It is a metal disc that is custom engraved to the client’s specifications. They insert the disc into a high power gobo projector to create a great personalized effect.





Dance Floor Lighting – Modern and controlled systems which create a sophisticated yet groovy atmosphere and experience.  They are not the old-school, disco-y or strobe light effects. Many times, it will even help keep guests on the dance floor as it enhances the overall experience.

Dance floor lighting can be set to move with the music, or set to fade through a specific sequence.  Because the dance floor lights are computer controlled they can be color mixed, or washed with “full color” to virtually any color imaginable.  They can transform a simple room into a dance floor haven!

 To learn more about Jimmy Dee Entertainment, visit their extended profile page in our Vendor Directory. 


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