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Eco-Friendly Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Eco-Friendly Bar Mitzvah Gifts

Today’s youth are more environmentally conscious than ever, with reports emerging that sustainability and environmentalism are the most important issue to the youngest generations. Tweens who are preparing for a B Mitzvah have a lot on their plate, and many are searching for easy ways to make their big days as eco-friendly as possible. Here are some great brands and products that promote sustainability without compromising on style:

1.Seed Paper Kippot

Kippot (yarmulkes) are a staple handout at a B Mitzvah service, and are often personalized with a B Mitzvah teen’s name or theme. With seed paper kippot, you can make this sacred item even more special- by growing flowers with it! Circles of Life kippot are completely customizable AND biodegradable, packed with the seeds of your choice, from wildflowers, to herbs, and even vegetables! They’ll look beautiful worn on the head, and even more beautiful once in the ground! They not only look good, but they do good, too.


2.Eco Gift Bags

Everyone loves to give and receive gifts, but knowing the gift bag might end up in a landfill can be a bummer. Simple Eco Solutions makes beautiful reusable bags that are perfect for giving a gift to a green-thumbed teen, or for a B Mitzvah family to distribute swag bags at the end of the night. The bags come in tons of sizes, colors, and designs, and even come with an erasable chalkboard tag to write on!

3.Recycled Judaica

Judaica is a necessity for certain aspects of a B Mitzvah, and many of the ornate and special objects can be made in responsible and conscious ways. Artist Harriete Estel Berman makes a variety of stunning and unique pieces from recycled tin cans, from candlesticks to tzedakah boxes and everything in between. Likewise, Fair Trade Judaica boasts gorgeous art from around the world that is “crafted with Jewish values”. They host an entire section of their website specifically for Judaica made from recycled materials.

Candlesticks by Harriete Estel Berman


In this day and age, having an environmentally conscious B Mitzvah is easier than ever before. Whether you’re seeking a unique and sustainable piece to add to your special day, or looking to buy a gift for a B Mitzvah teen in your life, the options are truly endless!

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