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Mitzvah Inspire: Unique Table Number Displays

Mitzvah Inspire: Unique Table Number Displays


Table numbers can be a small, but impactful detail at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. We have written about Creative Table Numbers in the past, and we now have a new batch to share!


BizBash, the leading trade magazine and Website for the special events industry, did a feature on unique table number displays.

They gathered simple and creative ways to make sure your guests find their tables. Scroll down and get inspired to number your tables in your own unique way.

 Using an X-Acto knife, these table numbers pop out of the pages of open books

Large graphic table numbers were the centerpieces at this reception, perfect for an art themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Playful centerpieces included table numbers imprinted on silver paint cans

Using florescent duct tape these table numbers really make a statement
This celebration used oversized guitar picks displaying table numbers
To add an enchanted-forest feel to the dining table centerpieces, table numbers were spray-painted on wood slabs

Plexiglass table number displays added a reflective element to this setting

These table numbers were printed on faux passports for a travel themed party
Did you have a unique way to display your table numbers at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah? Send it to us at [email protected].
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