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Mitzvah Inspire: Picture Placement

Mitzvah Inspire: Picture Placement

Many families choose to do a special photo shoot with their child before their Bar Bat Mitzvah weekend. We have found some great ways they are using these photos for their celebrations.

Whether the pictures are placed on an invitation, used as part of the decor, as a sign-in idea or even on the favor, we think it’s all picture perfect!


Here are a few creative ways to use and display photos at your child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah.




Rubin invite

The invitation, by Dara Grunberg of Dear Friends, included a picture of the Bat Mitzvah girl taken by Stephen Andrews Photography

Picture Placement: Rockmitzvah

Rockmitzvah was the music entertainment at a Bar Mitzvah where the pillows featured photos of the guest of honor

Picture Placement: PBG Events
PBG Events
created life size cut-outs of the Bar Mitzvah boy skiing down a slope (steps) for this winter wonderland themed celebration

Picture Placement: Hi Tech

Hi Tech Photography Events used photos of this Bar Mitzvah boy on the lamp shade centerpieces

Picture Placement: Balloon Artistry

Balloon Artistry created photo cubes for this Bat Mitzvah celebration showcasing her love of horses

Space: Picture Placement

Space, an entertainment venue, used a large blow-up of the Bat Mitzvah girl at the entrance to her party

Picture Placement

Oversized images of the Bat Mitzvah girl greeted guests at the entrance to this celebration from Saskia Marina Photography

Picture Perfect: Sarah Merians Photography & Video 
Colorful pictures from Sarah Merians Photography and Video flanked the walls at NYC’s Hudson Terrace

Picture Placement: Casual Candids
Casual Candids used a photo from Jacob’s casual Bar Mitzvah shoot for this sign-in board


This Bar Mitzvah boy created a line drawing of himself which MazelTovGear.com put on ties for his family members to wear proudly at his celebration

Picture Placement Christine Foster

Christine Foster Photography took the photographs at this fashion designer themed Bat Mitzvah showing how pictures of the guest of honor were incorporated into the theme

Picture Placement sign-in book

PARTIES! Rare To Well Done created a fabulous sign-in book with action shots of the Bar Mitzvah boy on the cover

Picture Placement: A Promos USA
A Promos USA/ImageMaker took a photo of an ice hockey loving Bar Mitzvah boy and used it on his t-shirt favors

Picture Placement: Simon Elliot Events
This Bar Mitzvah logo, created by Simon Elliot Events, featured a drawing of the guest of honor Dylan

Picture Placement: Lighter Than Air
Lighter Than Air created a life sized blow up of this Bar Mitzvah boy which was included in the decor at his celebration

Picture Placement: Dazzling Parties
Dazzling Parties
used the Bat Mitzvah girl’s photo for her “Club Getaway” place cards

Richie Hart Events

Richie Hart Events used blow ups to flank the entryway into this Bar Mitzvah celebration

Picture Placement: thecoolestgiveaways.com

thecoolestgiveaways.com created this sublimated bag using the Bar Mitzvah boy’s jumpshot photo for this basketball themed celebration

Picture Placement: Ann Marie Casey Photography

Ann Marie Casey Photography created this custom made guest sign-in album with table top cut out asking guests to leave her a special “MSG”

A&G Picture This Picutre Perfect

A&G Picture This captured the decor with a sketch of the Bar Mitzvah boy on these cocktail tables

Picture Placement place card table

Sara Renee Events created a place card table with pictures of the Bat Mitzvah girl on cutouts of the number “13”

Picture Perfect Real card Studio portrait invitation
From Real Card Studio, a portrait invitation using a sketch of the Bar Mitzvah boy

 Picture Perfect Personalized shirts
The servers at this Bar Mitzvah all wore personalized shirts of the Bar Mitzvah boy Jordan from Nina Bracker Events

Picture Placement Chanel Fashion from Evantine Design

 For a fashionista Bat Mitzvah, these pictures lined the entrance from Evantine Designs

Picture Placement MK Photography
MK Photography shows how this Bat Mitzvah girl’s friends really got into the friendship presentation with letter cutouts and tons of pictures

Did you include a great picture placement idea in your Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration? Let us know at [email protected].


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