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Your Broadway Song Presents: Candle Lighting Ceremony Songs

Your Broadway Song Presents: Candle Lighting Ceremony Songs



Your Broadway Song creates an original, one-of-a-kind Broadway Style Song all about the honored Bar Bat Mitzvah child! The songs are written by professional composers/lyricists in New York City and are then performed at the Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration by Broadway singers.



Something New: Your Broadway Song Presents: Candle Lighting Ceremony Songs!

Candle Lighting ceremony songs are the perfect addition for a Bar Bat Mitzvah celebration. Whether it is for a Broadway themed party or you are just looking for one of the most unique Candle Lighting options out there, this will WOW your guests!

Your Broadway Song writes custom music & lyrics for each candle. They are original mini songs written by professional composers and lyricists from New York City. No more trying to figure out rhymes about your family and friends. Let them do the creative work for you! The best part is that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child sings the songs!

We asked Your Broadway Song to explain more:

MM: How does it work?
YBS: You give us the list of the family and friends you want included in the candle lighting ceremony. We then set up an interview to learn about all the names on the list. We find out a bit about them and their relationship with the Bar Bat Mitzvah boy or girl. We ask for adjectives about them as well as fun and special facts about them. Then we get to work.
We write original music and lyrics for each candle. When we are done and it is approved, the Bar Bat Mitzvah boy or girl (or family member) sings this one-of-a-kind Candle Lighting Ceremony. We provide a piano track on an mp3 that accompanies them while it’s being presented.

Your Broadway Song music sample
Listen to a sample of the Candle Lighting songs here


MM: What if the Bar Bat Mitzvah child isn’t a singer?
YBS: If the boy/girl isn’t singer there are a couple of options: they can have a family member sing it for them or with them, we can pre-record it for them with one of our singers, Or, if they are in NYC, we could arrange to have it pre-recorded with the boy or girl.

MM: How much does it cost?
YBS: The price: $495. You should also ask us about our combo packages where we combine the Candle Lighting songs with a custom song all about the Bar Bat Mitzvah child!

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