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Mitzvah Inspire: More Candle Lighting Displays

Mitzvah Inspire: More Candle Lighting Displays


We know our readers love unique candle lighting ideas, so we rounded up a new bunch to share with all of you!

Families are getting very creative and it’s no longer unusual to see a display that ties into the Bar/Bat Mitzvah theme.






 Take a look at all we have found below:



From Creative Events Charlotte, this display is set right into a log!

Sammy Lustberg used an ice sculpture of her name for the candle lighting ceremony


Fishing theme candle lighting with real fish from East 7th Street Promotions

For Carly’s Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting her Mom Sharon did the display herself! Those are paper flowers with rhinestones. They are actually hair clips from the baby section of a Joanne’s Fabric store. She clipped the flowers onto the tulle ribbon that was wrapped around each candle. In between the candles are tea light holders that are filled with gems from the wedding section of Party City

For Emily’s Eatery celebration, this family used cupcakes – an idea they found on MitzvahMarket.com

This “Really Rebecca” themed Bat Mitzvah used mini donuts as their candle holders from Peter Oberc Photography

For a camp theme, this Mitzvah boy had acrylic sneakers for his candle lighting from Heather Chick Photography

For a different feel, this camp themed Mitzvah, from East 7th Street Promotions created a unique display with candles floating in the the lake!

Did you have a unique candle lighting display? Let us know at [email protected] and share it with our readers.


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