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Unique Candle Lighting Displays

Unique Candle Lighting Displays


The Bar Bat Mitzvah candle lighting ceremony is a great opportunity for the guest of honor to show their appreciation to friends and family. Everyone loved our past story, so we found more ways that families are bringing out the personality of their child and highlighting their party’s theme.

We have gathered some great candle lighting displays that enhance the theme and will dazzle your guests.




Lighter Than Air Events, B'nai Mitzvah, Candle Lighting Display

Lighter Than Air Events created this colorful candy candy lighting display for this B’nai Mitzvah

candle lighting display, balloon artistry, chocolate kisses candle lighting

From Balloon Artistry, this lucite heart was filled with chocolate kisses as each guest was called up for this candle lighting

Park Avenue Club, Candle Lighting display
The Park Avenue Club was the venue for a ski lodge themed Bar Mitzvah with a unique candle lighting display
Photo credit: Sarah Merians Photography

The Event Of A Lifetime, sports theme, bar mitzvah
A great sports candle lighting display from The Event Of A Lifetime

bar mitzvah candle lighting, candle lighting display, football theme

We love this football themed candle lighting display from Rosie Mendoza Photography

bar mitzvah candle lighting, candle lighting display
Stephanie Feldman from used an Ice Sculpture Candle Lighting Display for Jack’s Lacrosse themed Bat Mitzvah party


For a beach themed Bat Mitzvah, this display incorporated sea shells and crystals, and took place at the The Sands at Atlantic Beach 

Balloon Artistry created this WWE themed display using cut outs of famous wrestlers and making the base look like a wrestling ring

Verbena Designs filled Gatorade bottles with crystals and topped it off with votive candles to make this fun candle lighting for a sports themed celebration

Sarah Merians Photography captured this great shot of a candy themed party planned by Pat Glenn Productions

The entertainment venue Space created a candle lighting display using custom made cupcakes

candle lighting display, balloon artistry, iPhone
For this iPhone candle lighting display from Balloon Artistry, everyone comes up and takes an app and puts it on the velcro iPhone until its complete

Photographer Bart Gorin Photography captured a shabby chic inspired cupcake display

Casual Candids photographed this Bar Mitzvah boy performing a wine ceremony instead of a traditional candle lighting

Ann Marie Casey Photography photographed a Bar Mitzvah, where in lieu of a traditional cake with candles, family and friends were invited to the center of the dance floor to watch as a piece of the puzzle photograph was pieced together on TV monitors revealing the Bar Mitzvah boy

Ira Casel Photography captured this special sandcastle candle lighting ceremony

This Bar Mitzvah boy had one big LED light floating in colored gel

bar mitzvah candle lighting, candle lighting display, Successful Affairs

This two-tiered hockey themed ice sculpture was created by Okamoto Studios and designed by Lisa Rice from Successful Affairs

Saba Photography captured this candle lighting ceremony where top hats were used as candle holders

Creative Party Concepts added some bling and high heel style to this candle lighting display

 Nancy Goldstein of Amazing Celebrations captured this sports themed display

 Hi Tech Photography Events showcases a candle lighting display using the Bat Mitzvah girl’s name and embellished with feathers

MK Photography captured this great candle lighting display where black, white and silver colored candles were placed in between cupcakes

The lights of Broadway lit up for each guest receiving a candle for Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah and snapped by Linda Morrow Photography

Room Temp by Moshe created a vibrant candle lighting display using sand art candles and beautiful flowers

Setting the Mood created a Ferris wheel candle lighting display for a carnival theme

Party Perfect created the perfect candle lighting display for a sports fan

Did you have a creative candle lighting display? Let us know at [email protected].

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