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Best Ideas For Bar Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremonies

Best Ideas For Bar Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting Ceremonies


Are you searching for a great Candle Lighting idea for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration?

With nearly 300 Mitzvah Family Spotlight stories since 2008, and new features each week, we know it’s hard to remember everything these creative families have done to celebrate their child’s Bar Bat Mitzvah milestone event.

Many families are getting creative with their Bar and Bat Mitzvah Candle Lighting ceremony.

Here’s a round-up of some of the fun candle lighting ceremonies that have been featured. We’ve linked them back to their spotlight story so you can read the deets on each.


Bat Mitzvah candle lighting, Hollywood theme candle lighting, Candle lighting display

The Pernick family celebrated with a Hollywood themed Bat Mitzvah. The candle lighting display with luminary statuettes looked great

Bat Mitzvah candle lighting, Candy candle lighting, Gumball candle lighting

The Silverstein family celebrated with a fashion and candy themed Bat Mitzvah. The candle lighting display was made of gumballs

Gany Candle Lighting

The Gany family from Long Island celebrated with a Foot Locker themed Bar Mitzvah. Mom Bonnie purchased pillar candles from Michael’s, alternating black and white to keep with the referee stripe theme. She added a touch of red using letter glitter stickers, also from Michael’s

Calderon candle lighting

The Calderon family from Springfield, New Jersey celebrated with a “Puzzle” candle lighting ceremony! The puzzle was created from a poster size photo of Alyssa as a baby and mounted into 13 inter-locking puzzle pieces. Then, as the guests come up for their honor they completed the puzzle and a current picture of Alyssa was revealed

 Alexa Silver candle lighting

The Silver family from Suffern, New York found their custom name candle lighting display on

 Josh Brown cake

The Brown family from Doylestown, Pennsylvania created this amazing JCB Stadium cake, a replica of Ohio State’s stadium. It also included some of Josh’s favorite things like a pretzel, popcorn and Sprite

Tashlik cake

The Tashlik family from Port Washington, New York chose a “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” candle lighting ceremony with one candle representing each generation past, present and future with a poem for each group. The fourth candle was Zoe’s surrounded by friends

 Rosenberg candle lighting

For the Rosenberg family from Gaithersburg, Maryland, their Harry Potter themed Bar Mitzvah celebration included the following: the candle used to light the others was in a Miller Lite beer bottle, which was a special way to remember Jack’s uncle who passed away before the Bar Mitzvah. Each song used during the candle lighting ceremony was a musical theater song chosen by Jack, to tie in with the “theater cake” to represent Jack’s love of musical theater 

berman candle lighting

For the 13th Annual Ethan Awards, the Bar Mitzvah boy called up family and friends to hand out custom “Ethan” statuettes, similar to the Oscars. Ethan wrote poems for each award recipient and ended each with “And the Ethan Award goes to….” When each recipient(s) was announced the DJ played a song from a movie soundtrack

Jack Lesser candle lighting
The Lesser family celebrated their Bar Mitzvah with a huge baseball themed cake

Hazen Candle Lighting
The Hazen family used a drum set for their candle lighting ceremony and then donated the drum set

Lowenstein Candle lighting
The candle lighting ceremony for the Lowenstein family featured mini TVs and within each one was a picture of one of the Food Network shows. There was also a light placed inside each one so with the push of a button, they lit up!

Becker cake2
Emma Becker found her dream cake on and had a local baker re-create the design

Epstein cake
The Epstein’s Bar Mitzvah cake included all of Alec’s favorite things!

Hofferman  family

In lieu of a candle lighting, Carly Hofferman lit three candles signifying the past, present and future

Mazor candle lighting
 The Mazor’s used giant cupcakes in chevron design wrappers for their candle lighting

Grunberg Candle Lighting
The Grunberg family fun continued during the candle lighting ceremony provided by Simon Elliot Events. A pre-recording of a baseball announcer, who sounded exactly like Bob Sheppard, announced each candle with the guests of honor. There was a huge sign of Yankees Stadium. As each candle was called, a different area of the sign would light up in lieu of actually lighting the candles on the cake. In the end, the entire board was lit up!

Klein Starlily: Baked By Melissa
Instead of a traditional Bat Mitzvah cake, Lily Klein opted for Baked By Melissa cupcakes spelling out “Lily” on platters. The cupcakes were shipped frozen to Camp Starlight, what a great idea!

Did you have a great candle lighting ceremony? Let us know at [email protected].



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